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Almost nine million people around the world become ill with tuberculosis (TB) each year. More than one-third of them fail to gain access to accurate diagnosis or effective treatment and are suffering and dying needlessly from this curable disease. Many of these people live in poverty-stricken areas and have very limited or nonexistent access to health services.

Additionally, the failure to detect so many infectious TB cases is thwarting our efforts to reduce the spread of TB and eliminate it This problem cannot be solved by any single organization or country.

The main objective of TB REACH is to increase case detection of TB, detect the disease as early as possible, and ensure timely and complete treatment while maintaining high TB cure rates. TB REACH focuses on reaching people with limited or no access to TB services and looking for innovative ways to do this.

Governments and civil society must strive jointly to introduce and implement innovative and ground-breaking techniques, interventions, approaches and activities that result in detecting the undetected TB cases, leading to a reduced rate of transmissions and preventing the emergence of drug-resistant forms of TB.

Through a wave based funding, TB REACH awards grants up to US $1,000,000 for a one year period to selected institutions or organizations that have put forward successful proposals in a timely fashion in order to detect additional TB cases.

Core structures


A small team, housed within the Stop TB Partnership Secretariat in Geneva and hosted by UNOPS, administers TB REACH.

For more information, please contact

Dr Jacob Creswell
Team leader
tel +41 79 729 15 20

Mr Andrew Codlin
Technical Officer
tel +41 79 927 74 31

Ms Zhi Zhen Qin
Technical Officer
tel +41 79 540 75 22

Dr Miriam Faid
Technical Officer
tel +41 78 909 81 68

Ms Kerrie Tyas
TB REACH Programme Assistant
tel +41 79 221 72 50

Programme Steering Group

This group is an impartial team of experts which provides general oversight and advice to the to the Stop TB Partnership Executive Secretary and the TB REACH secretariat regarding programme and organizational development in order to improve the relevance, impact and sustainability of the work of TBREACH.

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First meeting of TB REACH PSG on 15 January 2010
Second Meeting of TB REACH PSG on 10 November 2010
Third meeting of TB REACH PSG on 25 October 2011

Proposal Review Committee

This is an independent committee whose role is to guarantee an open and transparent application review process.

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TB REACH Monitoring and Evaluation Agency

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of all projects is essential for showing the increase in the number of TB cases detected and the additionality for the targeted population.

The project will have internal M&E (the responsibility of the applicant, therefore included in the application) and an external M&E done by an independent agency, selected and funded by TB REACH.

The Agency selected for this purpose through a competitive process is HLSP and KIT. The independent agency will ensure that each accepted application will have the project baseline data validated either by a desk-review, or through a field visit prior to the signature of the grant agreement. It will also review the reports submitted during the implementation and at the end of the project and track project progress.

Report of the 2013 mid-term evaluation of the TB REACH initiative and Management response to its recommendations.

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Click on the link for the Management response.[.pdf]