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Wave 7



TB REACH’s Wave 7 round of funding aims to improve TB case finding and treatment outcomes with an emphasis on the empowerment of women and girls to lead key approaches in TB response.
If you have innovative ideas, you want to be part of the historical movement to #EndTB and you are eligible to submit a Stage 1 application, we encourage you to apply!

What is in Wave 7?
In Wave 7, TB REACH focusses on the empowerment of women and girls through innovative TB programming. We seek proposals that illustrate:

  • Groundbreaking approaches and technologies to implement preventive therapy, improve TB case detection and/or treatment outcomes including through the engagement of the private sector (see Concept Note).


  • Create more leadership and empowerment opportunities for women;
  • Engage women in proactive mobilization of their communities, including their partners and their children, for TB screening and to improve treatment outcomes;
  • Empower women to play an active role in formal health decision making;
  • Improve education, career development opportunities for women and/or girls;
  • Employ women as peer educators, organizers, and as community partners;
  • Increase case finding among women, especially in marginalized groups;
  • Integrate TB with other health services e.g. family planning, maternal and child health, HIV, malaria, NCDs, immunization programs;
  • Incorporate other ideas that promote the empowerment of women and girls through TB programming

About Wave 7 Funding.
A trailblazer in funding TB case-finding and treatment adherence efforts, TB REACH is taking on TB and gender inequalities as well as supporting empowerment of women and girls in its Wave 7 call for proposals. The global response to TB has been dictated by the disease epidemiology, resulting in a lack of focus on women. Although more men contract TB than women, women and girls are more likely to suffer from extreme poverty, be illiterate and malnourished, and have less access to health services, educational and economic opportunities. Moreover, women are the main care givers to children and men who have TB. Women make up the majority of the paid and volunteer health workforce in almost all TB high-burden TB countries.

While other TB-sector donors focus efforts on advocating for gender-responsive TB programming, a focus on empowerment of women and girls has never before been a priority area in TB. Through Wave 7, TB REACH aims to tackle serious gender challenges at the level of communities in order to meet the goal of ending TB.

Where to get more information.
We have created a Wave 7 Concept Note, and the Framework for Empowerment of Women and Girls in TB REACH grants to support applicants in developing their proposals. Please refer to these materials and to the Application Resource page. We have also documented some stories from the field (from an organizations in India) to highlight how TB programs can contribute to women’s empowerment.

Who can apply?
We welcome proposals from all eligible organizations and partners, but particularly want to encourage domestic organizations, and women’s organizations that are working in communities on broader gender issues to apply.

How to apply?
TB REACH uses a two-step application process: Interested organizations and partners submitting a Stage 1 proposal which will be reviewed by an external Proposal Review Committee. Successful Stage 1 applicant will then be invited to submit a Stage 2 proposal. We hope to announce final funding decisions in August 2019.

For questions about Wave 7 funding or the application process, please contact: