Stop TB Partnership

Challenge Facility for Civil Society

Stop TB Partnership’s Global Plan to Stop TB 2016-2020, challenges the traditional biomedical approaches to TB and calls for integrated and comprehensive responses to TB that are patient-centered and include strong partnerships with communities and civil society. To support community engagement and full partnerships with civil society and community organizations the Stop TB Partnersip provides grants to technically sound and innovative interventions. This grant mechanism is the Challenge Facility for Civil Society (CFCS).

Between 2007 - 2015, six rounds of grants were awarded. In an era of top down, biomedical responses to TB, CFCS did much to invest in and demonstrate the effectiveness of community responses - US$ 2.1 million in investments to 121 grantees in 41 countries.

Communities and civil society continue however to lack recognition as legitimate partners at national levels, which is compounded with a significant lack of resources for community initiatives and investments in community systems.

CFCS Round 7 thus transformed from one which supports small scale community initiatives to investing more significantly in community responses. The overall goal of Round 7 is to build recognized civil society / community networks that represent, support and are accountable to communities who can partner with one another and successfully engage in national TB responses.

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