Stop TB Partnership


Dr Lucica Ditiu, Executive Director of the Stop TB Partnership

Dr. Lucica Ditiu is the Executive Director of the Stop TB Partnership since May 2011.

Lucica Ditiu is a Romanian physician and public health expert who has devoted her career to helping and supporting people affected by TB, especially those most vulnerable, most stigmatized and living in impoverished communities.

Lucica Ditiu has led the Stop TB Partnership for the last 8 years. Under her leadership, the organization has gained a clear identity and evolved into a lean, innovative and progressive team that represents one of the most influential advocacy voices on global health and tuberculosis, providing support - financial as well as TB medicines and diagnostics – for a TB response towards a world without TB. A firm believer in innovation, flexibility and change, Dr. Ditiu is relentless in pushing for the inclusion of all people affected by TB, with an ambitious agenda of transparency and accountability that continuously challenges the status quo.

Dr. Ditiu is a specialist in lung diseases and began practicing medicine in 1992 in Romania. She started her international career with the WHO in January 2000 as a medical officer for TB in Albania, Kosovo and FYR Macedonia within the disaster and preparedness unit. She has worked for the past 18 years in the WHO and UN system at every level: national, sub-regional, regional and global, and attributes her experience and expertise to deliver results while navigating all sorts of difficulties.

Lucica doesn’t like hierarchy, formal meetings, scripts of speeches and rules.

She wants to end TB in her lifetime because she will live for many, many years.

Her main motto comes from a Romanian band and is "The day you give up, is the day you die." So far, she has not given up.