Stop TB Partnership


Dr Lucica Ditiu, Executive Director of the Stop TB Partnership

Content as of October 2015

Dr Lucica Ditiu is the Executive Director of the Stop TB Partnership since January 2011. A native of Romania, Dr Ditiu is a physician and a public health expert, who has devoted her career to helping those affected by TB and people living in communities heavily burdened by tuberculosis (TB).

In the last few years, Dr Ditiu has been instrumental in developing a clear identity for Stop TB Partnership, in ensuring a strong voice of TB Community in international arena and a great advocate for all those marginalized and vulnerable and suffering because of TB. She led the process in the transformation of the coordinating board to enable greater representation from constituencies. She has deepened engagement with The Global Fund working with the board, the secretariat and at the country level.

She has worked to ensure the provision of continued access of quality-assured TB drugs and diagnostics through the Global Drug Facility. A strong believer in innovation and change, Dr. Ditiu is restless in pushing for more ambition in TB work and in challenging status quo.

Looking ahead, Dr Ditiu hopes that she will see all stakeholders coming together to fight against the TB epidemic, within countries health systems.

Dr Ditiu began her international career with the WHO in January 2000 as a medical officer for TB in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia within the disaster and preparedness unit of the WHO European Regional Office. In this role she worked in a very challenging environment and closely collaborated with main national stakeholders involved in TB care, including ministers of health, justice and development. In 2006 she was selected to be a medical officer in the TB unit of the European Regional Office in Copenhagen.

In January 2010 Dr Ditiu joined the Stop TB Partnership Secretariat in Geneva to lead the TB REACH initiative - a programme that awards grants up to US$ 1 million for improving access to TB treatment.

A 1992 graduate of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, Dr Ditiu completed specialty in pulmonology through a joint programme with the Romanian National Institute of Lung Diseases (Marius Nasta).