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World TB Day 2000

Forging New Partnerships to Stop TB

World TB Day 2000 Highlights [.pdf]

World TB Day on March 24, 2000 marks a key date for mobilising political will and encourage the involvement of civil society in the global efforts to Stop TB. The theme, "Forging new Partnerships to Stop TB", is a call to reach out beyond the TB community and to mobilize new TB constituencies such as international agencies and organisations, women's groups, human rights groups, HIV/AIDS groups, and others to join the global movement to stop TB.

World TB Day Planning Guide

World TB Day Presentation (English [.ppt], Français [.ppt], Español [.ppt])

Highlights of planned country activities on World TB Day, 24th March 2000

The Philippines
On World TB Day, a 'Fun-Run' is planned in Manila. In addition there will be a press conference at the Quezon-Institute in Manila with 1000 participants from all major TB-organisations in the Philippines. At this occasion a cured TB-patient will make a statement.

A 5 year plan to step up the fight against TB in Eastern Bolivia will be launched in La Paz. A celebration for the founding of a volunteer women's association for TB-patients will take place on the March 24 in La Paz -Bolivia.

Most of the 32 departments in Mexico have planned TB events such as press conferences and information events. It is also planned to issue a new TB-stamp on March 24. In addition new TB clinics will be opened on World TB Day.

A special edition of the bulletin called TB News ("Warta TB"), a 3-monthly bulletin, will be published in Indonesian language, funded in parts by the Novartist Pharmaceutical Company. A meeting on DOTS socialisation to Hospital Director's in the Jakarta area will be hosted. In collaboration with the TB working group of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Indonesia, World TB Day will be commemorated on March 30 & 31 at Kayu Putih health center in Jakarta.

On March 26, the Jordanian Anti-TB Association in collaboration with Ministry of Health will conduct a high level national seminar in Amman, under the patronage of HRH Prince Firas Bin Ra'ed, Health Secretary to His Majesty King Abdulla.

Why organize World TB Day?

Keep in mind that World TB Day on March 24 is above all a media event. For most of you, every day is TB day, but on March 24, for only once a year, the eyes of the public are focused on TB. This provides you with a tremendous opportunity - the opportunity to turn the attention to:

  • the good work that YOU have done to stop TB
  • the local/regional/national TB situation
  • the gaps and what people can do to stop TB

Good planning for this day is therefore important to achieve the greatest possible impact. There are two main outcomes to aim for:

  1. Attracting media attention (TV, radio, newspaper) which can:
    • Increase understanding of the TB situation among the general public
    • Increase commitment from local leaders / politicians / government to stop TB
  2. Mobilizing new groups and constituencies (groups affected by TB) that are important to your own efforts in the fight to stop TB
World TB Day Planning Checklist
  • Organize your planning efforts
  • Form a World TB Day planning committee
  • Collect all information on TB
  • Transform statistics into key messages and stories
  • Mobilize partners for action
  • Organize activities and events
  • Establish a media contact list
  • Prepare materials
  • Assess the impact of your efforts
Ideas bank for World TB Day Activities and Events

Advertising spots on television - Auctions or tombolas to raise funds - Banners and flags about prevention, treatment and cure - Bicycle rallies - Board games on TB - Balloon races with TB slogans - Cafes and restaurants distribute napkins with TB information - Calls for donations in newspapers - Comic strip books about TB - Commemorative advertisements placed in newspapers - Drama groups perform plays on TB - Exhibitions on the impacts of TB in children and families - Film shows on TB - Government statements oppose discrimination - TB testing offered free in workplaces - Inauguration of a new TB ward - Information events at workplaces - Leaflets, flyers, brochures, booklets - Marathon runs with entry fees and sponsorship - Media workshops for journalists - Music videos - New book releases - Open days by TB service organizations - Performances by musicians and artists to raise money or awareness - Photo competitions - Postcards to members of parliament with the number of TB patients that have died - Poster exhibitions in banks, schools, civic centres - Public service announcements on TV and Radio - Role plays on TB issues, written and performed by students - Round-table talks - Scientific conferences - Slogan competitions - Special reports on TB in magazines - Sporting events - Testimonies by people who were cured of TB - University lectures on TB - Websites with information about TB