Stop TB Partnership

Procurement of Xpert MTB/RIF from the Stop TB Partnership

The Stop TB Partnership's TB REACH initiative and Global Drug Facility (GDF) have together set up a quick and simple system for procurement of Xpert MTB/RIF machines and test cartridges, with very favorable terms and conditions with the sole manufacturer, i.e. Cepheid.

If you are a National TB Programme (NTP) or acting on behalf of a NTP, or a Partner of the Stop TB Partnership you may procure Xpert MTB/RIF machines and test cartridges using the following 6 steps.

Step 1: Submit PRF and obtain a quote: Fill up the Product Request Form (PRF) for Xpert and submit a signed and scanned copy to To download the PRF click here. The Stop TB Partnership may contact you to clarify and discuss the quantification and other details in the PRF. Please note that due to limited shelf life of the test cartridges, depending on the quantities ordered and the plan for use it will be better to deliver the tests in 2 to 3 installments per year. Please also note that uninterrupted electricity supply should be ensured prior to use of the equipment as this has been observed as a common problem leading to wastage of test cartridges. Once the details on the PRF are agreed upon, you will receive a quote for the procurement. The quote will depend on the filled in PRF and typically includes the cost of the type of Xpert machine(s) ordered, the type of computer accompanying the machine, the number of test cartridges ordered, calibration kit (one set required per machine per year), shipping, insurance and administrative costs.

Step 2: Transfer the funds: On receiving the quote you need to take necessary steps to transfer the funds to the Stop TB Partnership.

Step 3: Placing of order: On receipt of funds, the Stop TB Partnership will place the order with Cepheid, inform you and provide you access to the electronic order monitoring system for the order (OMS).

Step 4: Dispatch of shipment: Prior to dispatch you will receive pre-advice on the details of shipments with required documentations for clearance at the port of entry.

Step 5: Delivery at the airport: The goods will be delivered to the airport in the country and the procurer will be responsible for importation, customs clearance and inland transport/storage. On request, a gift (donation) certificate can be issued to facilitate customs clearance.

Step 6: Statement of account: Upon completion of the order, the Stop TB Partnership will issue a Statement of Account to you, indicating any remaining balance from the transport and insurance costs to be paid by or refunded to you.