Stop TB Partnership

Wave 5

The Stop TB Partnership’s Coordinating Board approved US$ 16 million in new funding to implement and scale up innovative projects aimed at improving TB detection and care services in TB REACH’s fifth call for proposals.

This selection process was TB REACH’s most competitive ever - over 530 applications requesting US$ 267.7 million were reviewed and just 38 (7%) projects were selected for funding.

Wave 5 Scale Up Projects

The Stop TB Partnership’s Coordinating Board approved continue support of eight successful Wave 5 projects through TB REACH’s ‘Transition to Scale Up’ Grants Framework that funds innovative approaches to fight TB. In Wave 5, TB REACH awarded 38 projects in over 20 different countries each using different and innovative case-finding approaches. The projects underwent a rigorous monitoring and evaluation process to determine their impact on finding and treating the missing people with TB. After a year of implementation, the projects were offered a chance to apply for scale up funds. Subsequently, eight projects were selected that demonstrated a population-level impact and a capability of scaling up of their innovative approaches, for a total fund value of around USD 6.5 million.

View the complete list of successful Wave 5 Scale Up projects, click here

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