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The Stop TB Partnership and WHO will make available the following embargoed items for your reference, use, and local adaptation as from the World TB Day week, beginning 19 March.

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Ask your political representatives to be your TB Leaders.

Every 18 seconds someone dies of TB. Call upon your leaders to accelerate their actions against TB and ensure that everyone affected by TB gets the right diagnosis, treatment, and care.

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Despite being curable, #TB is still the world’s leading infectious killer. Highest Political leadership and funding for #WHO End TB Strategy and #Global Plan to End TB and ambitious country NSPs are the missing ingredients to ensure #EndTB for everyone #wanted leaders for a TB free world

Without increased high level political commitment it will be impossible to meet the SDG target to #EndTB by 2030. The UN HLM on TB is moment to #make history #End TB #Heads of State, #Leaders wanted to lead with clear actions and commitments to #EndTB. @WHO @StopTB

I am inspired to be a Leader for a #TBFreeWorld this World TB Day. All can be leaders for a #TBFreeWorld - you can too. Check out our websites: &

TB remains a global public health threat, killing more people globally than any other infectious disease. Each day, nearly 4500 people lose their lives to TB and close to 30 000 people fall ill with this preventable and curable disease. It is time to make TB History! I commit to be a leader for a TB-free world this World TB Day. Join me. Find out more here: &

We have great political momentum to End TB with the upcoming 1st UN General Assembly High Level Meeting on TB, which follows from the WHO Ministerial Conference on Ending TB in 2017. Let’s join together in pushing for highest level participation in the UNHLM - I’ve signed up - you can join too:

Wanted! Leaders to accelerate TB research. Only two new TB drugs & few diagnostics have emerged from research pipeline in 40 years. This needs to change if we are to make #TB history. Let’s close the #TB R&D investment gap of over USD 1.2 billion. #End TB

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