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Berlin, Germany, 22 March
TB Symposium organized by Robert Loddenkamper

Copenhagen, Denmark, 15 March
Solidarity Event including major classical concert.
Pierpaolo de Colombani:

London, UK 20 March
Press briefing on TB,
Contact: Glenn Thomas:

London, UK 22 March
Seminar at St George's Hospital - morning
List of Invitees
Contact: Katherine Floyd:

All Party Parliamentary Group on TB launch of the TB Manifesto - afternoon
Contact: Glenn Thomas:

New York, USA, 22 March
Press conference in the morning at the United Nations HQ with Stop TB Special Envoy Jorge Sampaio, Director of the World Health Organization Stop TB Deparetment Mario Raviglione, messenger of peace Anna Cataldi and photographer James Nachtwey

Official opening of the World Free of TB photo exhibition at 6pm at the United Nations HQ

Launch of the Global Tuberculosis Control Report.


Ottawa, Canada, 22 March
Launch of the Global Tuberculosis Control Report.

Paris, France, 22 March
Launch of the Global Tuberculosis Control Report.

- De la recherche à la prise en charge des malades -
Conférence - Débat
14H - 17H30
Contact :
Directrice Générale
Amis du Fonds Mondial Europe
2, rue Cognacq-jay
75007 PARIS
Tel 01 44 07 08 66


Riyad, Saudi Arabia - Regional World TB Day event to be held on the opening day of the 5th Annual Conference of the Saudi Thoracic society and the 25th Regional meeting of The Union. A press conference will be arranged.
Contact: Samar Ibrahim

EMRO World TB Day web site
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Brussels, Belgium, 22 March 2007
European Parliament Scientific Seminar

The objective of this seminar is to:

  • Exchange of views on TB with health policy makers
  • Lead a technical/scientific discussion on TB with key EU stakeholders and policy makers
  • Link to the release of WHO Global TB Control Report for 2007

Proposed list of speakers for the event include:
  • Zsuzsanna Jakab, Director, ECDC - Chair of the event
  • Commissioner Kyprianou, cabinet member or high level Commission representative
  • WHO representative - Dr Chris Dye (to launch WHO Global TB Report )
  • German Health Minister (in view of German Presidency)
  • John Bowis MEP (EPP-ED, UK)
  • Antonios Trakatellis (EPP-ED, Greece)
  • Sir Andy Haines. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Press briefings and media communication will be arranged.
Contact: Louise Baker,

Washington, USA 24 March
ACSM Patient-Led Task Force project 'Run4Life'
participation in the National Marathon


Action Project activities
a) Parliamentary Engagement
RESULTS is organizing an breakfast event on Parliament Hill on March 22nd from 7:45am to 9:00 am. The event will be a Stop TB Canada event, coordinated by RESULTS Canada. RESULTS is the lead organizer and has been conducting logistical coordination with Hill supporters MP Raymond Folco and Senator Raynell Andreychuk’s offices (both members of the Canada-Africa Parliamentary Association), outreach to MPs and Senators in advance of the event, coordination of presenters, invitations to civil society. Presenters will include Paul Thorn, leading MDR-TB and HIV/AIDS patient advocate from the UK along and a presenter from Stop TB Canada (TBD).

b) Grassroots Advocacy
The RESULTS Canada monthly action for March 2007 is focussed on Canada’s and the World Bank’s TB spending. The Action sheet has gone out to grassroots volunteers across the country, who will write letters to the Minister of International Cooperation, CIDA President, the World Bank President, and also letters to the editors of major newspapers on TB. Additionally RESULTS is working with medical student groups at universities in Montreal and Toronto to support them in hosting WTBD events that will highlight Paul Thorn as a guest, and in using the action sheet. The Action Sheet has also been circulated to 25,000 student activists through the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) listserve.

c) Media Outreach
Aside from letters to the editor and Op-Eds published by grassroots through the March action sheet, RESULTS will work with Paul Thorn during his stay in Ottawa to set-up media opportunities.

In addition, in cooperation with RESULTS partners in the US, RESULTS Canada is targeting media to invite them to participate in a media call on Wednesday, March 14, with George Soros, Dr. Paul Farmer, Dr. Jim Yong Kim and the Right Honourable Mphu Ramatlapeng, Minister of Health in Lestotho. On the call, George Soros will join global health leaders on an audio press conference to urge immediate action and funding to quell the explosion of drug-resistant TB - fueled by the AIDS pandemic - in southern Africa.

For more information contact Labib El-Ali - Project Coordinator, RESULTS Canada at

World TB Day 2007 - Medical Students Against TB
24th March 2007, Faculty of Medicine-Ain Shams University. Abbassya Sq. Cairo, Egypt. P.O.Box: 11566

* Objectives: 1)Raising awareness about TB: what is TB? - current situation - mode of infection - symptoms - danger of occupational exposure - treatment. 2)Teaching students how to avoid infection. 3)To make them acting like models to the whole community. 4)Telling students about DOTS and DOTS-PLUS. 5)Bringing students up-to-date with the latest trends in fight against TB. 6)Promoting healthy life styles like: stopping smoking esp. Shisha - good nutrition – physical exercise…etc. 7)To encourage patients to ask for help, do tests, seek for treatment and support them to increase their compliance. 8)To emphasize on giving extra attention to vulnerable population: immuno-compromised and debilitated patients. * Strategy: - Asking for needed funds from official partners or/and sponsors like pharmaceutical companies (disclaiming conflict of interest may be stated) - Rounding up some volunteers for arranging and carrying out tasks.

For more information click here or contact Sherif Arafa at

TB anywhere is TB everywhere
March 2007, Country-wide

1. Collaboration with the Ministry of Education to organize a painting competition between school children to reflect their understanding of the problem and how to face, this competition will be rewarded by some of the businessmen and an exhibition will be held on the World TB Day to display all the won paints. 2. Collaboration with NGOs like anti-TB association to participate in the celebration and share in the health education activities. 3. Contact some of the businessmen to share in the occasion and to allocate prizes for the winners in the competition. 4. Organizing one day seminar shared by all the symbols of the society and attended by general public in each Governorate to increase awareness of the society about TB 5. Organizing health education courses in all chest units and hospitals and in the women’s clubs to educate the patients and their families about TB. 6. Collaboration with the daily journals to raise up a campaign to increase awareness and decrease the stigma.

For more information contact Dr. Essam Elmoghazy at

Word TB Day 2007
01.02-01.04.2007, Estonian prisons Tallinn, Harku; Viljandi; Tartu; Murru; Amari

Estonian prisons. Epidemiology of TB;HIV in prisons. To make peer education programs successful, we provide and insure following: • services from professional consultants • TB related trainings from a broader perspective, including prophylactic issues • General information about TB for all inmates • Taking into account a needs of different target groups • Regular monitoring and evaluation of training results

For more information contact latsin alijev at

The National TB Programme with Afro Global Alliance will be organising various events to mark World TB Day including activities before and after World TB Day.

Afro Global Alliance in partnership with the Ministry of Health, National TB Programme, Stop TB Ghana Partnership, Ghana Health Service, Chest Clinic, Health Promotion Unit, Accra Metro, Ghana News Agency, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research-University of Ghana, Ghana Society for Prevention of TB, civil society, private sector and the media has invited the representation of all sectors in the launching of World TB Day which will be marked on 23rd in Ghana.

The inauguration of the Stop TB Ghana partnership will take place on on 23rd March 2007 at the Civil Servants Association Conference Hall Accra from 9:OO am.

The Honourable Minister of Health will formally launch the theme which is ‘TB anywhere is TB everywhere’, Chaired by a Prominent Traditional ruler from Ghana Nana Daesebre Ewusi, the Chief of Abdaze community in Central Region, in the presence of the World Health Organisation Country Representative, which will be broadcast on radio, television and print media

The Stop TB Ghana Partnership is made up of over 100 nongovernmental organizations, schools, associations and the private sector with the objective to fighting TB and other related diseases in Ghana. The inaugural ceremony will therefore bring to light the programmes and actions towards combating TB in the country in particular and the world at large.

This inauguration, which also marks the World TB Day celebrations in Ghana, is being organized by the Ministry of Health, National TB Programme, Ghana Health Service, Afro Global Alliance, and the Stop TB Ghana Partnership which are the official organizers of the event in the country.

Thank you,
You are all invited

Chief Austin Arinze Obiefuna
National Coordinator
Stop TB Ghana Partnership
Afro Global Alliance

On the observation of World TB Day 2007, a float supported by a brass band and a fleet of vehicles is to be paraded along the principal streets of Accra to the venue ground at the Civil Servants Association Conference hall, Accra. The Programme Manager Dr. Frank Bonsu, will unveil the Mandela advocacy poster designed by Afro Global Alliance which will be launched by the Minister of Health Major Rtd. Courage Quarshigah.

Other planned activities include:
  • National Radio and TB panel discussions on TB
  • Phone-in sensitization programmes on TB/HIV
  • Seminar for schools (universities, colleges, polytechnics etc), Private sector, NGOs, Christian communities, Muslim communities, Parliamentarians, Traditional leaders and the public sector.
  • TV and radio TB education Quiz
  • Distribution of T shirts, Advocacy material and banners to Regions
  • Photo Exhibitions
  • The Call to Stop TB
  • Production of banners and posters
  • Display of banners and posters in all Districts

For more infromation contact: Austin Arinze Obiefuna at

Civil Servants Association Conference Hall

The National TB Candlelight Meditation (GTBCM May 27) is an initiative of Afro Global Alliance (a nongovernmental organization) that seeks to promote the idea of National Meditation by lighting a candle to pray for people living with and those who have died of TB infection. The objective is to scale-up advocacy, communication and social mobilization in our communities by fighting stigma which is one of the major challenges in TB control.

This meditation will involve religious groups, civil society, interest bodies, stakeholders and others from all walks of life in a session to honour people living with TB and shall be made an annual event on every May 27TH. see: for more details.


KRITYANAND UNESCO CLUB ,Jamshedpur ,INDIA is an NGO under the Indian Societies Registration Act working for the aims and purpose of the UNITED NATIONS and its system. We are also working in the health sector and as a partner of the Stop TB Partnership. This year on the occasion of World TB Day our organization will hold a conference under the theme "TB ANYWHERE IS TB EVERYWHERE" in which we highlight the topic "New research to Stop TB".

For more information contact MUKESH KUMAR MISHRA at

Symposium on Interdisciplinary Approach for Tuberculosis Control
Hisar, Department of Veterinary Public Health, College of Veterinary Sciences, C.C.S. Haryana Agricultural University, HISAR-125004, (Haryana State)

Department of Veterinary Public Health, C.C.S. Haryana Agricultural University, HISAR-125004, India is organizing a Symposium on "Interdisciplinary approach for tuberculosis control".

The symposium is aimed at providing a common platform for interaction among Public Health professionals, officers engaged in TB control programme, Veterinary Public Health specialists, epidemiologists, microbiologists, physicians and other professionals.

The Symposium will include lectures/discussion on current scenario of TB in human beings and animals, zoonotic aspect of TB, role of different professionals in TB control, TB control programme in India, and constraints. Guest speakers from different disciplines are being invited to share their experiences. A compendium of articles on different aspects of tuberculosis will also be published for which articles from eminent persons have been invited.

For more information contact Dr. S R Garg, Professor & Head of Department at,

World TB Day 2007
23 March, Civil Servant Association Conference Hall Opp. Ministry of youth, Manpower and employment Accra-Ghana 9.00 am

Ghana World TB Day 2007 events in Ghana: The National TB Programme with Afro Global Alliance the official organizer WTBD 2007 in Ghana will be organising various events to mark the World TB Day including pre-launching, launching and post launching activities. On 23rd of March which is the launching of the WTBD in Ghana and the inauguration of the Stop TB Ghana Partnership, the Honourable Minister of Health will formally launch the theme which is ‘TB anywhere is TB everywhere’, Chaired by a Prominent Traditional ruler from Ghana Nana Daesebre Ewusi, the Chief of Abdaze community in Central Region, in the presents of the World Health Organisation Country Representative, which will be broadcast on radio, television and print media Afro Global Alliance, the official organizer of the World TB Day 2007 at the National level in Ghana in partnership with Ministry of Health, National TB Programme, Stop TB Ghana Partnership, Ghana Health Service, Chest Clinic, Health Promotion Unit, Accra Metro, Ghana News Age

For more information contact Austin Arinze Obiefuna at

TB anywhere is TB Everywhere, Lets join hands to combat MDR TB

Sree Vidya Samiti (SVS) an NGO is working in Singarayakonda and Ulavapadu Mandals of Prakasam District on Andhra Pradesh on Eradication of TB with support of Anesvad Foundation Spain. Project implementation is under regular Monitoring and Evaluation of J K Perfect Project Designers, Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh. On the 24th of March, SVS is conducting a big rally in the 91 villages, taking the cured TB patients as Advocates for DOTS and informing everyone of the dangers of MDRTB. as there is no response or treatment for MDR TB in the region, community will be mobilized by an open letter and invitation. the local Health Sector Heads will be given information on TB and a request will be placed to work towards freeing the zone from MDR TB to.

For more information click here or contact Jyothirmayee Kidambi at

24th March 2007, BOMMALARAMARAM, THURKAPALLY, BIBINAGAR Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradaesh AP

RURAL ORGANIZATION FOR SOCIAL EDUCATION (ROSE) is an NGO working towards combatting communicable diseases in the three remote mandals of Nalgonda District of Andhra Pradesh viz Bommalaramaram, Bibinagar and Thurkapally. in the last 2 years, with the generous support of ANESVAD FOUNDATION, Spain, ROSE was able to help cure TB in more than 300 patients. For this project, J K Perfect Project Designers is the Monitoring and Evuating consultant on behalf of Anesvad. Working in the field ROSE is apprehensive of MDR TB. There are many suspected cases of MDR TB, but there is no mention of it in any of the programs. This year on STOP TB day, ROSE is mobilizing community support in all the three mandals, conducted a rally in each of the mandal and is giving a call to community to help mobilize a movement against MDR TB

For more information click here or contact Jyothirmayee Kidambi at

Inauguration of theSTDC
24-3-2007, Institute of Chest Diseases, Chennai

Inauguration of the new STDC for the State of Tamil Nadu is planned for 24-3-2007. The honourable Minister of Health is expected to inaugurate.

For more information contact Dr.Subramania Raja at

Indonesia Commemorates World TB Day

In the effort to raise awareness on tuberculosis, Indonesia is commemorating World TB Day through various activities across the nation. The National TB Program, working together with Hasanuddin University, is hosting this year's World TB Day main event in Makassar, South Sulawesi on March 24, 2007. The Vice President of Republic of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla, a native of Makassar, is expected to attend the event.

At the event, the Vice President is scheduled to launch the National TB Campaign 2007, which will be carried on for the rest of the year. At the same event, a national TB stamp will be published; certificate of appreciation will be handed over to ex-patients and TB vice supervisors; a new 'Students Care about TB' Forum will be inaugurated; and a newly adapted Patients' Charter will also be launched. The chain of events will be closed with walkathon and musical event at Losari Beach, Makassar on March 25, 2007.

More events will commence in other parts of Indonesia, including seminars, scientific writing competitions, sport events, exhibitions, and media campaigns. These activities will be carried out by partner organizations such as Association of Christian Hospitals, Layanan Kesehatan Cuma-Cuma, PPTI, Yayasan Cinta Kasih, Indonesian Medical Association, Aisyiah - Muhammadiyah, Majelis Ulama Indonesia, LPK Nahdatul Ulama, Indonesia Pulmonologist Association, KPPIK, KuIS, HOPE Worldwide and many more.

For more information, please visit:

Seminars, articles in Media, National Conggress

Dear Colleagues,
The following events will take place in Indonesia for World TB Day.

  • Become a speaker on Update on TB & Respiratory Disorders meeting , by Indonesian Pulmonologist Associaton, Bandung 23 March 2007.
  • Adviser, speaker and Moderator on National Conggress of Indonesian Anti TB Association (25-27 March 2007.
  • Readers Digest Indonesia March 2007 will published interview with me on latest TB problem.
  • I will distribute my book entitled "Tuberkulosis, Rokok & Perempuan" (TB, Smoking and Women) to libraries of Faculty of Medicines in Indonesia.
  • Publication of special column about TB on "Health & Hospital Indonesia (H2 I)" journal, which I am the panel of experts.
  • Interview and publication TB topic at "Balance", a newly published Indonesian health magazine.
  • Hopefully - as in previous years- there will also be some media news and TV/radio interviews during the week of 24 March.

For more information contact
Dr Tjandra Yoga Aditama
SpP(C)(Ina), DTM&H(UK), MHA(Ina), DTCE(Jpn)
Pulmonology & Respiratory Medicine Department
Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia / Persahabatan Hospital
Jl Persahabatan No 1
Jakarta 13230
Tel +62214893536

On the occasion of National TB Day,
a comprehensive program was held on October 29.2006, simultaneously with the Death Anniversary of "Hakim Jabber Hayan" who was one of the Iranian great scientists and physicians in the past. This one-day Ceremony was organized in Tehran- capital pf Iran. The aim of this gathering was to promote ACML (Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization) toward TB.
Read more about the Iranian National TB Day

Rome Against Tuberculosis
Teatro "Capranica" Piazza Capranica 101 - Rome Italy

Concert World-wise famous Italian pianist Roberto Prosseda contributes to Stop TB fund-raising campaign in order to finance our projects in Burkina Faso and Mozambique. The concert will be held on March 22, 2007 at Capranica concert Hall in Rome, where Maestro Prosseda will delight with Mozart, Schubert and Chopin. The event is organized by StopTB Italy Onlus.

For more information contact DDr. Daniela Cirillo at
More Information

TB locale, TB globale
March 21, 2007, International Conference Hall Ministry of Foreign Affairs Piazzale della Farnesina, 1 Rome

Conference on TB control. Italian efforts towards a World free of TB. Click here for the agenda

For more information contact dr. Daniela Maria Cirillo at

Highlighting TB/HIV collaborative Effotrs, Opportunities and Challenges
22nd-24th March 2007, Address:P. O. Box 7091 Kisumu, Kenya

MDRC’s aims to share and have reflections on efforts, opportunities and challenges in TB/HIV coordination so as to validate the preliminary findings by MDRC during the TB/HIV Monitoring activities in Suba district, Nyanza province, Kenya. Stakeholders, including representatives of people with TB and people living with HIV will be oriented on TB/HIV issues as set out in WHOs Interim Policy on TB/HIV collaboration. This capacity building session is to enhance the level of knowledge of stakeholders on TB/HIV issues

For more information contact Nelson Juma Otwoma at

Utilizing the photo exhibition "The Shack" KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation this year emphasizes the co-epidemic tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. In a coalition with Dutch Aids organizations KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation will:

Petition Parliament with colleague NGOs:
to urge for stepped up efforts and optimal utilization of the operational expertise and innovative capacity of Dutch NGOs in the fight against TB and HIV/Aids.

Photo exhibition in Parliament;
KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation has the privilege of a Photo Exhibition in the House of Parliament. This exhibition with photo's of Damien Schumann and commissioned last year by the Desmond Tutu TB Centre in South Africa tells the plight of TB and HIV/Aids patients in the slums of Southern Africa. The Shack (original) adds to the intense experience of photo's, testimonials in handwriting and attributes

High visibility opening,
in a first event staged by the Parliamentarian Multiparty Initiative against HIV/Aids the exhibition will be opened with a literary reading by Dutch author Adriaan van Dis

Patient perspective and cooperation with municipal TB control Centers
KNCV partners in the Netherlands are closely informed of activities and we cooperate closely to bring in the patient perspective of those affected directly by TB in the Netherlands. The issue of drug resistant forms of tuberculosis and the perspective of TB anywhere is TB everywhere is thus brought to the fore.

Petition with Dutch HIV/Aids colleague NGOs
Context Multi-party Initiative on HIV/Aids

Guest Lecture and Interactive session
Paul Hendrichse Hall, College of Medicine, University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria

On 30th March, 2007 a special guest lecture centered around the theme for 2007 World TB Day is being organized by the Tuberculosis Research Group (TSG), an umbrella body of TB researchers of the College of Medicine, University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria. The lecture will be delivered by the National TB Control Officer, WHO Nigeria. The event will be an opportunity for all TB stakeholders (Policy makers, Academia, Control Officers, Media and NGOs) in the country to interact and delibrate on how to tackle TB epidemics in the country.

For more information contact Dr Aderemi Kehinde at


1. 23 March 2007. Lectures at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. Topics include Epidemiology of TB:Routes of Transmission etc, MDR-TB, TB initiatives etc in Nigeria.

2. Public enlightenment at the grassroots at Ajegunle community. The local Government Areas have been contacted . Traders, community leaders, representatives of primary and secondary school students will be present. There will be display of positive slides of TB, pictures of persons with TB and Pictures after treatment.

For more information contact Cyril Alozieuwa (NATIONAL CO-ORDINATOR) at

Inauguration of New NAUTH TB -DOTS Centre
Date: Thursday 29 March 2007, 10am
Venue: Theatre Complex, NAUTH Nnewi, Anambra State, Nigeria.

As advocates and facilitators we are pleased to invite you to the formal Inauguration ceremony of the new TB-DOTS Centre at NAUTH Nnewi by his Excellency the Governor of Anambra State Mr. Peter Obi as part of activities marking the 2007 World TB Day in Anambra State.
Please click here for the invitation card for the ceremony.
Thank you

Creating Awareness on Effect of TB
March 24, 2007, Various Motor Parks in Lagos

To create necessary awareness at various motor parks in Lagos on the effect of TB.

For more information contact Mr. Patrick Omitoki at

Street Walk followed by Advocacy Seminar
Provincial TB Control Program Office PHDC Building Western By pass brewery road,department of Health Government of Balochistan Quetta.

A street walk followed by an Advocacy Seminar is organised for opinion leaders,political leaders,social organizations,journalists,Government organizations, Pakistan Medical Association,Para medics association,Pakistan Nursing Councils and all STOP TB activists. The walk will start from Sandeman provincial Hospital quetta passing through 5 big roads with the banners and slogons of TB anywhere is TB every where. The walk will be end at same venue where a seminar will be held addressed by all representatives mentioned above.

For more information contact Dr. Baseer Khan Achakzai at

Public awareness seminar/walk against TB/ film show on TB/ essay writing competetion among students on the topic our aim:TB free
March 24,2007, Gulab Devi Chest Hospital, Lahore Pakistan

There will be a public awareness seminar in which TB specialists will give their messages. The Health minister of the Punjab will be the chief guest. Many social workers, national heroes, TB/film stars, doctors and public will participate. after the seminar there will be a walk against TB. A shield will be awarded to the student winners of an essay writing competetion (Pur aim: A TB free society). There will be a film show regarding awareness of tuberculosis.

For more information contact Dr Tahir Saeed (organizing secretary) at

Advocacy Seminar
24-3-2007, Government Boys High School Qasimabad Hyderabad Pakistan

There will be an awareness seminar for teachers and student to motivate them regarding tuberculosis and DOTS by Sindh Health Organization (NGO) with the support of Provincial TB Control Programme Sindh Pakistan.

For more information contact Dr. Nasir Jamal at

Charla informativa contra la tuberculosis
24/03/07, Colegio Unión Latinoamericana Ate Vitarte - Lima Peru

APEMH - The Peruvian Association of Medicine Schools, will be carrying out an informative campaign next march 24th on a high school located on the slumps of Lima. The students and their parents will attend the event and we hope to give them all the knowledge as possible in order to make sure that they will not only proctect themselves, but also all of people that they love the most.

For more information contact Eduardo Rodriguez at

Conference by The Romanian Christian Humanitarian Foundation
24th March 2006, University Al Cuza Iasi. Bvd Carol 1, nr 20. Iasi 700505. First floor conference room B2. Time 12.00

Conference by The Romanian Christian Humanitarian Foundation to explain about TB to children and young people, including TB PowerPoint presentation, prizes. School Children from Iasi schools plus students will learn about TB plus participate in the event themselves.

For more information contact Brian Douglas at

TB awareness campaign
24th March, Zizin & Tarlungeni communities, Brasov.

TB awareness campaign with Roma children and families in Zizin & Tarlungeni communities, Brasov.

For more information contact Brian Douglas at

TB Day
21.03.2007, Institute of Pneumology, Dr. Marius Nasta ", 90,Viilor street,Bucharest,Romania

There will be a meeting organized by he National TB Progam in collaboration with The Project Implementation Unit,at The national Instiute of Pneumology,with the participation of all regional TB coordinators , pneumologists,as well as other specialists,guest from TheMinistry oh Health , different NGOs interested and from mass-media.

For more information contact Manuela Gheorghiu at

TB anywhere is TB everywhere
24th March 2007, University Al Cuza Iasi. 700505. Bulevardul Carol Nr 20A. Iasi 700505 Romania. Corp B conference room, first floor conference hall B2. The conference will start at 12.00 hours.

The Romanian Christian Humanitarian Foundation as STOP TB Partner will hold a conference at University Al Cuza Iasi, Romania to mark World TB day 2007. The event will be attended by school children invited from local schools, plus university students and professors. The Conference will consit of a Powerpoint presentation on the subject of TB plus a film and the speakers will be British Humanitarian Brian Douglas (director RCHF-UK) and Ionut Preotu.

For more information click here or contact Brian Douglas at

Saudia Arabia
2007 World TB Day Symposium
24 March 2007, Thadiq General Hospital PO Box 113 Riyadh 11953 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

One-day symposium on TB with resource speakers from the different hospitals within the area. Accredited with the Saudi Council for Health Specialties for 5 CME hours.

For more information contact Dr. E. Edgar Banaña at

Sensibilisation dans les Etablissements scolaires
24 Mars 2007, Pikine Camp de thiaroye, Pikine

Faire la sensibilisation dans les établissements scolaire de Pikine.

For more information contact DAFFE Aboubacar Sidiki at

Sesion Dia Mundial de la TB
March 14, Address:Pl. Lesseps, 22 Barcelona

There will be several presentations about TB in Ecuador, TB in Equatorians in Barcelona and about vaccines (of TB and HIV). See program at:

For more information contact joan cayla at

South Africa

Students of Nursing atthe university are campaigning at the campus, staging a display and issuing pamphlets from National Health.

For more information contact RamukumbaTS at

Tuberculosis - Despair and Hope
Hotel Nova Park, Knivsta (In the vicinity of Arlanda Airport)

Hosted by The Swedish Heart Lung Foundation and King Oscar II Jubilee Foundation on 23 March-07 at 08.20 - 16.00 (Obs! Tiden!)
More Information

For more information contact Michael Luhan at

World TB Day Event
24 March 2007, Songea Urban, Majimaji Ground, Songea. Ruvuma P.O.BOX 1190 SONGEA

The event shall be marked in Songea Urban Districts, In Ruvuma Region, Tanzania, East Africa. The Event has been co-ordinated by the Registered Charity NGO with collaboration with Ministry of Health of Tanzania. ORES Tanzania is Member of Stop TB Partnership. The emphasis will be the impact of TB among children, most people particularly in rural areas do not believe or do not understand that children also become infected by TB.

For more information contact Dr Hermengild Mayunga at

Distribution of the TB Fact Sheets and Special Announcement onTB Day at the National Harm Reduction Conference
March 21-23, Kyiv, Kozatsky Hotel, Conference venue

A big National Harm Reduction Conference will be held in Ukraine just on the threshold of the World TB Day. Understanding that this event concentrates both clients of HR Programs with high risk of TB, providers of TB services, and stakeholders in the TB field, the TB Fact Sheets will be distributed among all participants with call for Action and special announcement devoted to TB issues in Ukraine will be done.

For more information contact Elena Nechosina at

United Kingdom
TB Awareness day
23rd March 2007, Norfolk House Hotel - 587 London Road, Thornton Heath, CR7 6AY .11-5PM

Next week, St George’s will be celebrating World TB Day to raise awareness of the disease, its symptoms and how it can be treated. And the TB Team want to get everyone involved. Staff from Mayday Hospital will be marking the event with a drop-in clinic at Norfolk House Hotel. The event aims to provide advice and information from specialist TB nurses to the public and health professionals.

For more information contact Hiral Patel at

United States of America
2007 Annual TB Conference
Wednesday, March 21, 2007, The Graduate Center, CUNY 365 5th Avenue (btwn 34th & 35th Street) New York, NY 10016

In commemoration of World TB Day, the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Bureau of Tuberculosis Control is hosting their 2007 Annual TB Conference "TB Anywhere is TB Everywhere" Conference Topics Include: *MDR-TB: From NYC to South Africa *Blood-Based Diagnostic Tests for TB *2006 TB Epidemiology in NYC *"Finding Dr. Schatz"-The Discovery of Streptomycin & a Life it Saved *The Dynamics of TB in NYC: Community & Nosocomial TB Exposures *Preventing TB Transmission in Health-Care Settings *The Cultural Construction of Cultural Competence in TB Control To Register: visit and refer to the "Conferences/Events" section of the website OR call Education & Training at 212-442-9968/212-676-2913 *Seating is limited. RSVP by Monday, March 19, 2007

For more information contact Xiomara Dorrejo at

Set Zambia TB free
Polo Grill Business House Nangwenya Road, Rhodes Kark, Lusaka

Just in complimenting the effort of the Government of Zambia in commemorating the World TB Day, our organisation known as TBTV.Org STUDIO 1, has made an effort to meet with the NTP manager last Friday 23rd February,and the meeting was very fruitfull and very constructive. We are planning the following activities: 1. March 2. Soccer and Netball Tournament 3. Mini marathon 4. Drama We have so far mobilised more than 20 support groups of 15 members each in the communities of Lusaka, they are busy preparing for the same, which we wish to be a success.

For more information contact BANZA CHELA at

25th March 2007, 140 Baines Avenue Greenwood Park Harare Zimbabwe

A consultative, multi-perspective and dicsiplinary round table discussion forum on TB in Zimbabwe. The Round Table Discussion Forum seeks to take a snap shot on developments and challenges the Government of Zimbabwe has gone through since independence in 1980.

For more information contact MUGOVE HAMADZIRIPI at

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