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News and Publications

Upcoming Events:

The 40th Union World Conference on Lung Health, organized by the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, will be hosted in Cancún, Mexico, from 3 to 7 December 2009. The theme of the conference is "Poverty and lung health."

Call for Applications for the Health Outcomes and the Poor e-learning Course in English

DURATION AND COURSE LOAD: 6 Weeks - 8 to 10 hours per week
DATES: 13 January - 24 February 2010
PARTICIPANTS: (Health) Professionals involved in the Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers process either as PRSP authors or as advisors to the government REGIONS TARGETED: Global COURSE FEE: $500
ORGANIZERS: The World Bank Institute
LANGUAGE: English only
GENERAL COURSE CONTACT: Jo Hindriks at jhindriks@worldbank.org

Recent Events:

On the 14th October 2008, the annual meeting of the TB & Poverty Subgroup was held at the Union World Conference, Paris. The theme of the meeting was: "Increasing Access: Beyond the Health Sector". The aim was to facilitate linkages between current TB control approaches and alternative, multidisciplinary initiatives outside the health sector that can increase case detection and reduce the burden of TB.

Summary of subgroup meeting 2008 Summary of subgroup meeting 2007

Policy briefs:

  • TB control in China (2006)

    This paper considers findings from EQUI-TB's work in China. Using a range of methods, researchers uncovered critical challenges facing TB control in China, including economic and social barriers, how to support vulnerable people including rural-to-urban migrants and delays in diagnosis and treatment.

  • Strengthening research capacity to improve TB control for poor people (2006) http://www.equi-tb.org.uk/uploads/tb-capacity.pdf

    This paper examines the ways in which EQUI-TB has worked in different countries to strengthen the research process and get findings into policy and practice. Key elements include using trans-disciplinary approaches, cross partner working and linking communities with policy makers.

  • Who is the most vulnerable to TB and what can we do about it? (2005) http://www.equi-tb.org.uk/uploads/tb_vulnerable.pdf

    This paper looks at the concept of vulnerability and how it relates to TB control. By using evidence that identifies vulnerability, TB control strategies can become more focused on reaching those who need TB services the most.

  • Barriers to accessing TB care: how can people overcome them? (2005) http://www.equi-tb.org.uk/uploads/tb-barriers.pdf

    This policy brief describes the inequitable situation in resource poor countries where gender, age, socio-economic status and geographical location intertwine with poor and ineffective health systems to create serious challenges to TB control. A range of approaches to overcome barriers are described.

  • REACH: Challenging barriers to health care in Malawi (2005) http://www.equi-tb.org.uk/uploads/tb_reach.pdf

    This paper explores how unequal access to healthcare services affects the way people experience disease at community level. It looks at the range of processes used by REACH trust Malawi to communicate findings into policy and practice so that barriers that exist for poor and vulnerable people are properly addressed.

All of these papers, and more, can be found on the EQUI-TB website http://www.equi-tb.org.uk/

Background Reading:

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Publication: Lancet 2006; 367: 955-57, March 18, 2006

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    Further reading:

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Special Editorial: "Tackling poverty in tuberculosis control" © 2005.
Publication: The Lancet, 366:2063, December 17/24/31, 2005

It reports on a workshop that was organized 6-8 December in Bellagio, Italy by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. The editorial flags the WHO document "Addressing Poverty in TB Control" that was published earlier this year, and it mentions the January 2006 launch of the Global Plan to Stop TB (2006-2015) as a step towards moving the TB and Poverty agenda forward.

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