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Organization Contact Information

Name: A C T (Alliance to Control Tuberculosis)
Street 1: 1) Rm 215 Medical Arts Center, Bethany Hospital
Street 2: 2) INSPIRE (Respiratory Team in Region 8 Corporation) @ Cardio-Pulmonary Room, DWU Hospital, Avenida Veteranos,
City: Tacloban City
Province: Leyte
Post Code: 6500
Country: Philippines
Phone: +639228366066
Organization Email:
Web Site:
Other Online Presence:

Focal Point Contact Information

Salutation: Dr
Title: Council Chairman of ACT TACLOBAN
Phone: +639228366066

Alternate Focal Point Contact Information

Salutation: Dr
First Name: VICENTE
Last Name: ZETA
Title: Treasurer of INSPIRE and Co-Chair of ACT TACLOBAN

General Information

Board Constituency: Developing Country NGO
Is your organization legally registered in your country: Yes
If yes, please enter your registration number:
Organization Type - Primary: Non-Governmental Organization
Organization Type - Secondary: Other Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
Organization Description:
ACT (Alliance to Control Tuberculosis) is the council for tuberculosis of INSPIRE (Respiratory Team in Region 8), A Non-Profit Organization organized by respiratory physicians for adult and children, respiratory therapies, nurses, allied medical professionals, and public or private concerned individuals who are engaged in the effort to integrate the resources from all sectors and use these in promoting pulmonary programs: ACT (Alliance to Control Tuberculosis)- for Tuberculosis; COACH (Community of Asthmatics Concerned in Health) for ASTHMA; ACES (Alliance for COPD Education and Support) for COPD; and A Lung Cancer Support Group; and It will also set up a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center.
ACT (Alliance to Control Tuberculosis) primary activities are directed towards:
1) promoting the DOTS program and awareness among patients with tuberculosis,
2) educate the community and people affected with tuberculosis and to provide lectures and training to nursing and medical students,
3) sought material and financial resources to support DOTS activities and
4) study the appropriateness in the local setting of anti-TB project concepts and also the program impact prospect and viability of plans or theories on how PPMDOTS and workplace DOTS clinics may be sustained and Private MD's DOTS clinics be implemented.
A technical assistance project is being studied to somehow answer lack of physician manpower for clinical tuberculosis.
SEC REGISTRATION: CN2006227867 Since July 24, 2006
TIN 006-166-983
Do you know about the UNHLM declaration:

Specializations / Areas of Work

Funding, including innovative and optimized approach to funding TB Care
Research and Development

Other Organization Information

Total number of staff in your organization: 6 - 10
Number of full-time staff who are directly involved with TB: 1 - 5
Number of part-time staff who are directly involved with TB: 1 - 5
Number of volunteers who are directly involved with TB: 1 - 5
How did you hear about the Stop TB Partnership: Involvement in TB control provision
If you were informed or referred by another partner of the Stop TB Partnership please tell us who:
Why do you wish join the Stop TB Partnership: Information on developments within the TB world
Are you a member of a Stop TB national partnership: Philippines
Are you in contact with your national TB programme: Yes
Please tell us how your organization is contributing to your country's national TB control plan:
> Promotion of the PPMD DOTS
> TB in children Project with another NGO (Streetlight Foundation)with our Expertist and Resources.
> Provide Lectures about the DOH Programme on TB in the Workplace
> Will partner with the PTSI to establish Hospital DOTS Clinics.
> Conduct research activities re Tuberculosis Program Implementation.

Geographical Reach

Which country is your headquarters located in: Philippines
Which countries do you do operate in:
(This includes countries you are conducting activities in)


Please tell us how your organization will contribute to the Global Plan to Stop TB by briefly describing its involvement in any of the areas of work listed below:

TB Care Delivery:
Will expand DOTS in the two private Hospitals in Tacloban City

Drug-Resistant TB:
Provide Lectures

Project: TB in Children with another NGO - Streetlight Foundation


Declaration of interests:

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Last updated: February 10, 2016