2018 Kochon Prize Nomination Form


Nominate outstanding political TB leaders who are fighting to end TB.


Nominees can be individual political leaders holding one of the following positions:

Supporting Documentation

Please include a letter of support from the nominator. (REQUIRED)

An additional letter of support from another organization or individual other then the nominator can be included in the nomination process. (OPTIONAL)

Email Confirmation

Once you have completed Step 1 you will receive an email from KochonPrize@stoptb.org with your nomination code. This will allow you to return to your nomination to make changes. If you have questions please contact KochonPrize@stoptb.org.

Step 1

Enter the required information about the nominee and the nominator on the nomination form.
Enter Your Information

Step 2

Upload the required letter of support from the nominator endorsing their contribution to ending TB.

Step 3

Upload an optional letter of support.

If you have a nominator code you can enter it here to return to your nomination: