Task Force on Biomarkers for TB point-of-care tests

Build consensus and foster knowledge sharing to enable the identification of suitable biomarkers or biosignatures for TB point-of-care tests

Bm2Dx TB Biomarker database

New TB diagnostic tests for use at the point-of-care level are critical to reach the goals of the End TB Strategy. In spite of extensive research efforts and numerous biomarker candidates, a rapid, simple and accurate non-sputum based test is not yet available. To address this barrier, a web-based platform mapping biomarker research has been developed as a result of a collaborative effort by FIND, McGill and the New Diagnostics Working Group.

The TB biomarker-to-diagnostics database Bm2Dx is an online platform designed to help accelerate biomarker discovery, validation, confirmation and test development. Mapping the status of biomarker research, Bm2Dx provides an overview of the R&D landscape and allows stakeholders to access comprehensive information on biomarker candidates. Its user-friendly interface facilitates advanced search and analysis and enables the dynamic tracking of evidence about biomarker candidates with potential to meet the Target Product Profiles for a non-sputum based test.

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Online platform

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Bm2Dx: The one-stop platform for TB diagnostic biomarker evidence, quality and R&D progress, Tobias Broger, FIND, Coordinator NDWG Biomarker Task Force

Presented at 49th Union World Conference on Lung Health, The Hague, on 24 October 2018

A tuberculosis biomarker database: the key to novel TB diagnostics, S. Yerlikayaa, T. Brogera, E. MacLeanb, M. Paib, C. Denkinger, 2017