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The New Diagnostics Working Group (NDWG) is one of the seven working groups of the Stop TB Partnership. It supports the Partnership in its goal of eliminating tuberculosis (TB), in particular by promoting the development and evaluation of new TB diagnostic tools. The NDWG is a network of experts representing stakeholders from academia, NGOs, multilaterals and governmental institutions, TB high-burden countries, industry, and the patient community.


Upcoming 52nd Union World Conference on Lung Health (virtual) on 19-22 October 2021

Satellite Session | TB diagnostic tools: is COVID-19 catalysing progress?
19 October, 18:15-19:45 CET

Community Connect Session | Taking TB research literacy online
21 October, 16:00-16:45 CET
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Call for Applications for the NDWG Core Group Member - NGO Constituency

26 May 2021

The primary responsibility of the Core Group is to form the coordinating body of the NDWG and to ensure that NDWG functions are fulfilled in an effective and efficient manner. The NDWG is accepting applications for the NDWG Core Group Member - NGO constituency. To apply, please send your application (CV and motivation letter) to NDWG@finddx.org by 18 June, 2021.

Call for Applications

Advancements in the TB diagnostics pipeline: FIND and NDWG annual symposium

22 October 2020

Tuberculosis (TB) diagnostics are needed to detect exposure, diagnose disease and drug resistance, and to monitor improvement under treatment in both primary healthcare and laboratory settings. The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) and the Stop TB Partnership’s New Diagnostics Working Group (NDWG) bring to you the latest developments in TB diagnostics R&D. You will hear from leading global experts on the advancements in the TB diagnostics pipeline, improvements in the detection of drug-resistant TB, next-generation sequencing and the diagnosis of TB infection.


NDWG and WHO launch "Framework for the evaluation of new tests for tuberculosis infection"

The document provides details on study design, populations, reference standards, sample size calculation and data analysis to guide the future development of these tests.

Approximately a quarter of the world’s population is estimated to be infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Treatment of TB infection, also known as tuberculosis preventive treatment (TPT), aims to prevent the development of TB disease, and is one of the critical components to achieve the ambitious targets of the WHO End TB Strategy. At the United Nations High-level Meeting (UNHLM) on TB in 2018, countries committed to provide TPT to at least 30 million people in 2018-2022.

NDWG launches survey for latent TB infection (TBI) test manufacturers.

Diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis (TB) infection (TBI) is critical to achieving the global End TB targets. The Stop TB Partnership’s New Diagnostics Working Group (NDWG) housed at the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) is conducting a survey in partnership with University College London (UCL), to review the landscape of tests for TBI and identify gaps that need to be filled to facilitate the development and introduction of new tests for TBI.

Survey link: https://ucl.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/ltbi-test-landscape

For the purpose of this survey, a test for TB infection is defined as one that measures immune response to stimulation by Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens and is intended to be used for identifying individuals to be given treatment of TBI.

The survey will close at 5:00pm GMT on 13 July 2020.

Inviting all test manufacturers to participate. Please help us in sharing this information widely.

NDWG launches consultation on draft TPP for next-generation DST

The New Diagnostics Working Group and its Task Force on Next-Generation Sequencing and DST are conducting an online consultation on the draft Target Product Profile (TPP) for Next-Generation Drug-Susceptibility Testing at Peripheral Centres.

The online survey will enable to gather input from a large group of stakeholders representing researchers, high-burden countries, governmental and non-governmental organizations, test developers and the patient community. Participants will have the opportunity to evaluate the key performance and operational characteristics, in order to inform the update of the High-priority target product profiles for new tuberculosis diagnostics and build consensus around the updated version of the TPP.

Since the first release of this document in 2014, WHO issued updated treatment guidelines for multidrug- and rifampicin-resistant TB to reflect landmark changes in MDR treatment regimens. To ensure that relevant guidance be provided to drug developers, the drug prioritization and related assumptions for the other characteristics in the TPP were revised accordingly.

Draft TPP

Draft Results from the survey

More information about the NDWG Task Force on NGS

NDWG hosts 2-day meeting on developing a new list of graded mutations

The Task force on NGS and DST organized a 2-day meeting at FIND on 27 and 28 August, 2019 on developing a new list of graded mutations. The meeting was attended by the NDWG Co-Chair – Daniela Cirillo, the TF Co-ordinator – Paolo Miotto, Secretariat and sequencing experts from around the globe including those from CRyPTIC, WHO, C-PATH, FIND, CDC and BCCDC. The objective of the meeting was to discuss the need to update the currently existing catalogue on TB mutations and agree on the way forward.

Next steps from the meeting include deciding which data-sets that can be included for updated mutations catalogue, how to process NGS data and where to store the same, the procedure for data review and generation of the updated mutations list and planning for the first mutations review meeting.

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