Costing of dedicated key interventions towards ending TB in children

As a time-limited task force of the Child and Adolescent Working Group, the Paediatric TB Operational and Sustainability Expertise Exchange (POSEE) coordinates and collaborates with key TB stakeholders on the development of tools and documents that can support national programmes and implementers to address TB in children.

To facilitate costing of dedicated Paediatric TB interventions that are key pillars to end TB in children and adolescents, in 2020 the POSEE Task-Force has developed budgeting tools for four key paediatric TB interventions: development of training materials and implementation of training programmes; household contact investigation; TB preventive treatment (TPT) (including the use of shorter regimens) and sample collection procedures to support bacteriological confirmation.

The interventions were selected based on the following criteria:

(i) The intervention has a critical role in ensuring and improving TB services for the paediatric population; (ii) In order to be effective, the intervention needs to include and take into account needs that are very specific to the paediatric population (and those needs are not shared with the adult population); and (iii) The intervention has been recommended by WHO and there is an evidence-base that supports it.

The budgeting tools are available either as single tools or embedded within the WHO One Health TB module companion book.

The WHO One Health TB module companion book for TB budgeting and funding analysis is available on WHO website

The single budgeting tools and accompanying background documents are available at the following links:

Development of training materials and implementation of a nationwide training programme for paediatric TB

Paediatric TB Training Budgeting tool

Household contact investigation

POSEE HH contact investigation budgeting tool Background document

HH Contact Investigation budgeting tool

TB preventive treatment

POSEE TPT budgeting tool background document

POSEE TPT budgeting tool

Sample collection for children

POSEE Sample collection budgeting tool background document

Sample collection budgeting tool