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Organization Contact Information

Name: Agnes Kunze Society
Street 1: Pari Mahal, D-55, Lane No. 10, Aman Vihar, Village Chidowali,
Street 2: Post Office Kandoli, Sahastradhara Road,
Province: Uttarakhand
Post Code: 248001
Country: India
Phone: 9719536211
Organization Email:
Web Site:
Other Online Presence:

Focal Point Contact Information

Salutation: Mr.
First Name: Lawrence
Last Name: Singh
Title: Project Co-ordinator
Phone: 0091 9719536211

Alternate Focal Point Contact Information

Salutation: Mr.
First Name: Stephen
Last Name: Masih
Title: Co-ordinator
Phone: 0091 8954888871

General Information

Board Constituency: Developing Country NGO
Is your organization legally registered in your country: Yes
If yes, please enter your registration number:
Organization Type - Primary: Non-Governmental Organization
Organization Type - Secondary: Other Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
Organization Description:
Agnes Kunze Society ‘Hope Project’ wants to support children & community with little or no chance of a dignified existence as fellow human being, since as a Non-Governmental Organization, we find Sr. Agnes Kunze’s notion of love being the leading principle in relations between people.

The Focus Area of the Society are - Education,Health Care, Livelihood, Environment, Advocacy, Empowerment

TB is curable but people are still dying, we take this as a opportunity to link TB patient with Govt. Services.

1-Health education &promotion of services in the community and the home vulnerable communities
2-Referral services Diagnosis & Screening
3-Followup referral s monitoring & Treatment and home support to patient and their families
4-Training to volunteer Health worker & CBO
5- Advocacy support to patient group/NGO Network research and contribute policy development
Do you know about the UNHLM declaration:

Specializations / Areas of Work

Delivery of health services and care
Provision of drugs, diagnostics and commodities
Research and Development
Technical Assistance

Other Organization Information

Total number of staff in your organization: 26 - 50
Number of full-time staff who are directly involved with TB: 1 - 5
Number of part-time staff who are directly involved with TB: 100 +
Number of volunteers who are directly involved with TB: 100 +
How did you hear about the Stop TB Partnership: Stop TB communications
If you were informed or referred by another partner of the Stop TB Partnership please tell us who:
Why do you wish join the Stop TB Partnership: Network with other partners
Are you a member of a Stop TB national partnership: India
Are you in contact with your national TB programme: Yes
Please tell us how your organization is contributing to your country's national TB control plan:
T3 Concept -
1. Treatment Seeking Behaviour
2. Timely Detection
3. Treatment Completion

Geographical Reach

Which country is your headquarters located in: India
Which countries do you do operate in:
(This includes countries you are conducting activities in)


Please tell us how your organization will contribute to the Global Plan to Stop TB by briefly describing its involvement in any of the areas of work listed below:

TB Care Delivery:
1- Health education &promotion of services in the community and the home vounelable communities
Activity (a )–womens group meeting rural and urban area
(b) Key leaders meeting
(c-)Patient addrsses verification & family counseling
(d) Self Help goup meeting
(e)- Visit MDR patient & counseling for drug adherence
(f)- Identify New patient through health awareness camp
2-Referral services Diagnosis & Screening
Activity a- Patient house visit and counseling
-b- Referral services to health care center after services at community level home screeningTransport/Financial asssistence for special tests
©-referral to FICTC hope counseling center& DOTS Center
(d) House visit for patient sibling & addresses veryfiation

3-Followup referral s monitoring & Treatment and home support to patient and their families
Activity-(a) Visit MDR patient followup visit family counseling also Ditribution supplementary Nutrition
(b) TB case Linked up to free Treatment
© Resorce mapping and site Mapping
(d) Psychosocial support
(e) Patient satisfaction level counseling
(f) Improving case dedection and treatment Adherence
4-Training to voulenteer Health worker & CBO
(a) Meeting with PRI Members&Religious Leaders for Advocacy Social Mobilisation
(b) Training to given RMPs Doctors for Rural & Urban area
(c) Given patient satisfaction Levelwith quality of information/Diognosis/treatment
(d) Meeting with disable people to aware TB/ DOTS Treatment
(e) Focus Group discusstion for Laten TB& Active TB

5- Advocacy support to patient group/NGO Network research and contribute policy development
(a) Meeting with NGOs/GOs
(b) Sharing Research studies
(c) Meeting with government and Health worker
(d) Co-odination Meeting /Activities with other health providers

Drug-Resistant TB:
MDR-TB(DOTS Plus) Counselling, Supportive Medicines & Nutrition
The Counseling to the MDR patient as well as to their family members for taking special care of them is undertaken. The Society also provides the supportive medicines and nutrition support as and when required.

HIV Testing , Pre and Post Counseling , referred patient and attendants for TB and HIV testing is done. We also help them for routine checkup, screening and cross referral among the TB HIV programme.

• Medicines are provided
• Supplementary nutrition, SHG Group
• Counselling for Drug Adherence and proper diet.
• Providing Drug Adherence support – ICTC facility
• Providing Psychological support
• Provide Treatment for Minor
• Positive Prevention
• Reducing Stigma and Discrimination
• Counselling for Home Based Care
• DOTS Centre for TB Treatment
• Default retrieval for those patients who are under DOTS
• Referred Services


Declaration of interests:
No conflicts of interest were delacred.

Application date: April 3, 2014
Last updated: May 15, 2015