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Organization Contact Information

Name: MERC
Street 1: ul Leninova 14
Street 2:
City: Skopje
Post Code:
Country: The Former Yugoslav Rep of Macedonia
Phone: 0038923151513
Organization Email:
Web Site:
Other Online Presence:

Focal Point Contact Information

Salutation: Dr
First Name: Kiril
Last Name: Soleski
Title: CEO

Alternate Focal Point Contact Information

Salutation: Dr
First Name: Darko
Last Name: Iliev
Title: President

General Information

Board Constituency: Developing Country NGO
Is your organization legally registered in your country: Yes
If yes, please enter your registration number:
Organization Type - Primary: Non-Governmental Organization
Organization Type - Secondary: Community-Based Organization (CBO)
Organization Description:
MERC is a nongovernmental, non-profit organization working on improvement of the quality of life of the citizens in Macedonia. We are working on research projects and projects related to health and environmental issues. We tend to have influence in the policy making in the field of health, education and ecology. Its mission MERC is realizing through various programs and research projects oriented towards community in order to implement certain policies and support the central and local government in their communication and cooperation with the business and NGO‘s sector.
MERC has three separate sectors: (1) Public Health, (2) Social Inclusion and poverty reduction, (3) Environment & Energy
Do you know about the UNHLM declaration:

Specializations / Areas of Work

Delivery of health services and care
Research and Development

Other Organization Information

Total number of staff in your organization: 6 - 10
Number of full-time staff who are directly involved with TB: 1 - 5
Number of part-time staff who are directly involved with TB: 6 - 10
Number of volunteers who are directly involved with TB: 6 - 10
How did you hear about the Stop TB Partnership: Attendance at a TB related event
If you were informed or referred by another partner of the Stop TB Partnership please tell us who:
Why do you wish join the Stop TB Partnership: Resource mobilization
Are you a member of a Stop TB national partnership: No
Are you in contact with your national TB programme: Yes
Please tell us how your organization is contributing to your country's national TB control plan:
MERC was member of the work group for preparation of national application for the GFATM in round 10 phase 1(2010) and phase 2 (2013). We are SR of GFATM grant two years in a row. Our activities are focused on HRG (patients with TB and members of their families, rural areas, ethnic minorities - Roma, Albanian).

Geographical Reach

Which country is your headquarters located in: The Former Yugoslav Rep of Macedonia
Which countries do you do operate in:
(This includes countries you are conducting activities in)
The Former Yugoslav Rep of Macedonia


Please tell us how your organization will contribute to the Global Plan to Stop TB by briefly describing its involvement in any of the areas of work listed below:

TB Care Delivery:
• Name of Project: „Education of patient with TB and members of their families“
Total target 1400 persons (TB patients and members of their families) per year on national level;
Main Objective:
• Better knowledge, better health; Improving compliance; Better support from their family; Introduction to patients’ rights; Reduction of stigmatization about TB.

Keypoints of the project:
• Educators are MD with TB specialisation with trained comunication skills; Educational session: structured, short, clear patient's preferred language, evidence based; Support with
package (hygiene supply,food); M&E/feedback;Comunication materials
• Name of Project: „For TB now more than ever“
Total target: 1100 primary school students.
Education of HRG.

Research: „KAP survey of ethnic minorities in Macedonia“ – ongoing, until October 2013;
Total target: 900 interviews
Representative study of a ethnic minorities in Macedonia to collect information on what is known, believed and done in relation to TB. We needed evidence based data to plan, implement and evaluate ACSM work. Our aims are to identify knowledge gaps, cultural beliefs, or behavioral patterns that may facilitate understanding and action, as well as pose problems or create barriers for TB control efforts.


Declaration of interests:
No conflicts of interest were delacred.

Application date: February 13, 2014
Last updated: April 8, 2014