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Organization Contact Information

Name: Conscience International (CI)
Street 1: 16th Street Fajara
Street 2:
City: Bakau
Post Code: P.O Box 4216
Country: Gambia
Phone: +220 449 8068
Organization Email:
Web Site:
Other Online Presence:

Focal Point Contact Information

Salutation: Ms
First Name: Amy
Last Name: Sheppey
Title: International Programmes Officer
Phone: +220-4498068

Alternate Focal Point Contact Information

Salutation: Mr
First Name: Shaka
Last Name: Ceesay
Title: Director

General Information

Board Constituency: Developing Country NGO
Is your organization legally registered in your country: Yes
If yes, please enter your registration number:
Organization Type - Primary: Non-Governmental Organization
Organization Type - Secondary: Community-Based Organization (CBO)
Organization Description:
1. Conscience International (CI) is independent, non-partisan and non-profit human rights, environmental and development organization working in The Gambia, Sierra Leone and Liberia. CI is also establishing an office in the UK to increase its international capacity.

2. As part of our five year strategy, CI is keen to branch out to cover neglected health issues in West Africa such as TB and Mental Health, understanding the vital role health education plays in creating inclusive and equitable environments and for achieving the MDGs. CI's International Programmes Officer previously worked for the 'Action To Control TB Internationally' group in the UK and remains passionate about tackling TB as a neglected health area, particularly with regard to reducing stigma, raising awareness, incorporating rights based health programmes and promoting the importance of tackling TB/HIV coinfection.

3. CI recently applied for the Challenge Facility for Civil Society funding round. Using our community level expertise, CI would like to run awareness raising programmes amongst high risk groups in The Gambia that not only provide medical facts, but incorporate the social, political and economic issues surrounding TB to generate TB champions from the grassroots. These 'champions' will give affected people a voice and a part in the decision making process and help advocate TB issues at a local, national and international level.

CI would like to use it's position as a human rights based organisation, to strengthen its partnerships and gain reciprocal support from the Stop TB Partnership to develop campaigns, undertake research and implement programmes. We would like to build a network that involves other west African countries in which we work such as Sierra Leone and Liberia, recognising the increasing migrant communities in West African countries and the fact TB does not respect borders. We would also like the opportunity to develop our networks internationally to advocate on issues and influence poli
Do you know about the UNHLM declaration:

Specializations / Areas of Work

Research and Development

Other Organization Information

Total number of staff in your organization: 6 - 10
Number of full-time staff who are directly involved with TB: 1 - 5
Number of part-time staff who are directly involved with TB: 0
Number of volunteers who are directly involved with TB: 0
How did you hear about the Stop TB Partnership: Involvement in TB control provision
If you were informed or referred by another partner of the Stop TB Partnership please tell us who:
Why do you wish join the Stop TB Partnership: Involvement in Stop TB Working Groups
Are you a member of a Stop TB national partnership: No
Are you in contact with your national TB programme: No
Please tell us how your organization is contributing to your country's national TB control plan:
CI is new to the field of TB, but through the knowledge gained from our programme officer and her previous support to the TB field for RESULTS UK, we aim to get in touch with the MRC, WHO and other related groups to gauge how we can begin to work in this area.

CI aims to work with the relevant authorities to see how we can contribute to the country's national TB control plan, putting in place our plan to tackle neglected health areas.


Geographical Reach

Which country is your headquarters located in: Gambia
Which countries do you do operate in:
(This includes countries you are conducting activities in)
Sierra Leone


Please tell us how your organization will contribute to the Global Plan to Stop TB by briefly describing its involvement in any of the areas of work listed below:

Drug-Resistant TB:

CI will work with vulnerable groups to ensure communities have access to information surrounding drug-resistant TB e.g community sensitization and workshops, as well as providing information for individuals to access health facilities for testing and medication, through collaboration with health authorities and national TB plans. CI also plans to work at national and international levels to advocate on the importance of addressing MDR and XDR-TB as an international issue (particularly for the poor with regard to accessing drugs) to reduce the global burden.


CI will address the needs of vulnerable populations in The Gambia, Sierra Leone and Liberia through our field officers and conduct awareness raising activities at a community level, also working with HIV/Aids groups to encourage implementation of TB programmes into existing projects to scale up integration. Advocacy efforts will be made at a local, national and international level to tackle TB/HIV coinfection and encourage political will and investment in this area.

Fundamental Research:
As an area of focus for CI is on research and documentation, the organisation would be happy to contribute to reports, conduct research into the TB burden in West Africa and develop empowered TB Champions at a grassroots level that can identify gaps / barriers in their own communities, e.g stigma, knowledge, access to health facilities etc to ensure adequate access to services and rights.


Declaration of interests:

Application date: October 11, 2012
Last updated: November 13, 2012