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Organization Contact Information

Name: BEMFAM - Bem Estar Familiar no Brasil
Street 1: Rua São Bento, n° 8, 6° andar - Centro
Street 2: -
City: Rio de Janeiro
Province: Rio de Janeiro
Post Code: 20.090-010
Country: Brazil
Phone: 552138612400
Organization Email:
Web Site:
Other Online Presence:

Focal Point Contact Information

Salutation: Mr
First Name: Ney
Last Name: Costa
Title: Executive Secretary
Phone: 552138612421

Alternate Focal Point Contact Information

Salutation: Ms
First Name: Gabrielle
Last Name: Guimarães
Title: Programs Manager
Phone: 552138612405

General Information

Board Constituency: Developing Country NGO
Is your organization legally registered in your country: Yes
If yes, please enter your registration number:
Organization Type - Primary: Non-Governmental Organization
Organization Type - Secondary: Other Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
Organization Description:
BEMFAM - Bem Estar Familiar no Brazil is a non-profit organization and develops its work since 1965. Our services are directed toward the following communities:
• Women, with emphasis in low-income women;
• Children and adolescents aged 10-24 in low-income communities;
• Individuals living in vulnerable conditions of health, especially those in low-income communities (particularly in relation to HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases, TB, and targets of violence);

BEMFAM operates 6 clinics for sexual and reproductive health and 7 youth centers in low-income communities in Southeast and Northeast Brazil, and conducts community education and empowerment in these communities as well as to a general public. Each youth center has a group of 20 youth advocates who are trained to be peer educators, and empowered to engage in advocacy for youth rights. BEMFAM also has partnership agreements with low-income communities in order to jointly engage in health related advocacy and a track record of more than 30 years of partnership with municipal governments on health issues.

BEMFAM has received numerous awards for efficiency and excellence, including the Efficiency Award from Kanitz & Associates in 2001 and 2006, the Tiradentes Medal and Diploma from the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro in 2005, and the 1997 International Planned Parenthood Award for Excellence in the Fight Against AIDS.

We are one of the founding members of the Stop TB Coalition of Brazil (Parceria Contra a Tuberculose). We participated in the Coalition Against TB, a US-AID funded partnership that operated from 2004-2006, between the healthy ministries of Brazil and of Pernambuco, the Epistemology and Pathology Society of Pernambuco (SPEP), and BEMFAM.

In 2007, we had a project approved for financing financing by the Stop TB Partnership Challenge Fund: Empowering Community Organizations in Recife, Brazil in the fight against tuberculosis.

Our objectives related to TB control are:

- to develop a
Do you know about the UNHLM declaration:

Specializations / Areas of Work

Delivery of health services and care
Technical Assistance

Other Organization Information

Total number of staff in your organization: 100 +
Number of full-time staff who are directly involved with TB: 11 - 25
Number of part-time staff who are directly involved with TB: 6 - 10
Number of volunteers who are directly involved with TB: 11 - 25
How did you hear about the Stop TB Partnership: Involvement in TB control provision
If you were informed or referred by another partner of the Stop TB Partnership please tell us who:
Why do you wish join the Stop TB Partnership: Resource mobilization
Are you a member of a Stop TB national partnership: Brazil
Are you in contact with your national TB programme: Yes
Please tell us how your organization is contributing to your country's national TB control plan:
We develop various projects with focus in fighting TB and support the Brazilian national TB Plan. Our aim is to reach vulnerable communities and to do so, we use our expertise of more than 46 years, which allow us to work hand in hand with local managers, social movements and other organizations present in more than 600 municipalities through out Brazil.

Geographical Reach

Which country is your headquarters located in: Brazil
Which countries do you do operate in:
(This includes countries you are conducting activities in)


Please tell us how your organization will contribute to the Global Plan to Stop TB by briefly describing its involvement in any of the areas of work listed below:

TB Care Delivery:
2005 and 2006: Phase II contribute to the National Control of Tuberculosis
Reduce the prevalence of Tuberculosis in the metropolitan area of Recife including the municipalities of Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Camaragibe, Jaboatão Guararapes, Olinda, Sao Paulo and Recife. Support from: U.S. Agency for development (USAID)

Projet Title: Empowering Community Organization in Recife, Brazil
in the Fight Against Tuberculosis.

Project Name: Support for Strengthening Civil Society actions against TB
Goal: Contribute to enhance the sustainability of Brazilian Partnership against Tuberculosis and promote the strengthening of civil society in this area. Specific Objective 1: Enhance institutional sustainability of the Brazilian Partnership against Tuberculosis, by strengthening their strategies. Specific Objective 2: Increase the visibility of the shares of Brazilian Partnership against Tuberculosis, aiming the discussion of the subject in various spaces and ensure greater awareness of the problem.

2011 Project proposal:
Title of the project: Spiritual healers of the Afro-Brazilian matrix in the
fight against the TB/HIV Co-Infection

General objective: Empower spiritual healers on TB/HIV Co-Infection

Special objective 1: Sensitization of a group of spiritual healers in TB/HIV
Co-Infection issue and monitoring and administrating the Project

Special objective 2: Capacitate a group of spiritual healers to act as
multipliers, in dissemination of information and referring possible TB cases
to health centres among the community

Specific objective 3: Develop and produce an educational material on TB/
HIV Co-Infection issue and carrying out a campaign through a radio spot in
different radio station for the dissemination of information on the TB/HIV
Co-Infection issue.

2008 Actions of prevention of TB as HIV/Aids co-infection in Sao Luiz - Maranhão
Contribute to reduce mortality and transmission of TB, its co-infetion associated to HIV/ Aids in individuals from selected communities in São Luís/MA. Support from: ATHAULFO DE PAIVA FOUNDATION.

2002 Evaluation on the Effectivity on the Integration of TB prevention and treatment through BEMFAM´s partnerships The research aimed at contributing to check effectivity of actions on TB prevention and treatment, which were integrated to sexual and reproductive health programmes. Support from: USAID


Declaration of interests:
On behalf of BEMFAM - Family Welfare in Brasil, I declare that we do not have any interests that could constitute a real, potential, or apparent conflict of interest with respect to the Global Partnership to Stop TB.
Moreover, I declare that along the years our institution has been establishing local partnerships aligned to the interests of Stop TB Partnership and our goal is give continuity and sustainability to those partnerships, as well as establish new ones with the support of Stop TB Partnership.
Counting on the valuable contributions of Stop TB Partnership to our work we will continue to make our very best to positively impact the control and awareness raising on the TB situation in Brazil.

Application date:  
Last updated: June 1, 2012