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  • Everyone has a right to universal health coverage. It’s Time to put people first in the TB response & make sure they can access the #UHC they need. On #WorldTBDay2019 join forces with @StopTBPartnership in the call to successfully treat 40 million people in the world with TB between 2018 and 2022. #ItsTimetoEndTB
  • Do we step up the fight to end AIDS, TB and malaria or do we allow ourselves to slip back? It’s Time to #StepUpTheFight. On #WorldTBDay2019 join forces with @StopTBPartnership in calling for at least US$14 BILLION to be raised for the @GlobalFund against AIDS, TB and Malaria. Visit to learn more! #ItsTimetoEndTB
  • People affected by TB can be marginalized and stigmatized. On #WorldTBDay2019 join forces with @StopTBPartnership in the call to end TB-related stigma and discrimination and protect and promote human rights. #ItsTimetoEndTB
  • Development of new treatments for TB have been neglected. On #WorldTBDay2019 join forces with @StopTBPartnership in the call to protect those most at risk of becoming ill. #ItsTimetoEndTB
  • TB is a global crisis yet finances for scaling up innovations and service is scarce. It’s Time to fund innovation to end TB. On #WorldTBDay2019 join forces with @StopTBPartnership to call for an increase in overall investments for TB R&D to US$2 billion a year. #ItsTimetoEndTB
  • TB treatment takes too long so people are less likely to complete treatment, allowing TB to spread further and promoting #AMR. It’s Time for short and simple TB treatments. On #WorldTBDay2019 join forces with @StopTBPartnership to call for new TB vaccines, diagnostics, drugs and regimens for adults and children. #ItsTimetoEndTB
  • Women, girls and gender minorities are more likely to live in extreme poverty, be illiterate and malnourished, and lack access to health and economic opportunities. They’re also more likely to be (paid or unpaid) caregivers for people with TB. On #WorldTBDay apply for the next wave of @StopTBPartnership’s TB REACH, which focuses on empowering these groups to lead in the TB response. Visit to learn more! #ItsTimetoEndTB

Find out on THIS LIST if your Head of State or Government is on Twitter. We have included as many details as available in the public domain. If your Head of State or Government is on Twitter, choose the corresponding Twitter handle to send them a message.