Stop TB Partnership

Technical Publications

Country perceptions for implementation of the new multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB) medicines.
April 2016

Improving Tuberculosis Case Detection
October 2014

2013 Global Tuberculosis Control Report
This is the 18th WHO annual report on global TB control
October 2013

2012 Global Tuberculosis Control Report
This is the 17th WHO annual report on global TB control
October 2012

An International Roadmap for Tuberculosis Research
October 2011

Priorities in Operational Research to improve tuberculosis care and control

Falling Short: Ensuring Access to Simple, Safe and Effective First-Line Medicines for Tuberculosis

The Art & Science of TB vaccine development
The Art & Science of TB vaccine development covers different areas of TB vaccine development and includes contributions of artists from many parts of the world, committed with the fight against TB. It is available free of charge on line at

Pathways to better diagnostics for tuberculosis: A blueprint for the development of TB diagnostics [.pdf]
December 2009

New laboratory diagnostic tools for tuberculosis control [.pdf]
December 2008

Information about the MDR-TB initiative [.pdf]
Information on the initiative by the GDF, UNITAID, WHO and FIND to accelerate MDR-TB control
June 2008

Engaging Stakeholders For Retooling TB Control [.pdf]

Guidelines for the programmatic management of drug-resistant tuberculosis [.pdf]
March 2006

HIV testing for life... HIV testing for all tuberculosis patients [.pdf]
An entry point for tuberculosis patients to access HIV prevention and care.
February 2007

Networking for Policy Change: TB/HIV Advocacy Training Manual [.pdf]

Networking for Policy Change: TB/HIV Participant’s Guide [.pdf]

New Technologies for TB Control: A Framework for their Adoption, Introduction and Implementation [.pdf]

Engaging all health care providers in TB control [.pdf]
Guidance on implementingg Public-Private mix approaches

Trends in International Funding for TB Control [.pdf]
October 2006

Management of collaborative TB/HIV activities:
Training for managers at the national and subnational levels
December 2005
[WHO/HTM/TB/2005.359a,b,c], [WHO/HIV/2005.10a,b,c]

Tuberculosis Services in Partnership [.pdf]
The case in Egypt

Cost and cost-effectiveness of Public-Private mix DOTS [.pdf]
Evidence from two pilot projects in India

Background document prepared for the meeting of the second ad hoc Committee on the TB epidemic [.pdf]
March 2004

Report on the meeting of the second ad hoc Committee on the TB epidemic
Recommendations to Stop TB partners [.pdf]
March 2004

Public-Private Mix for DOTS [.pdf]
Practical tools to help implementation

Guidelines for workplace TB control activities [.pdf]
The contribution of workplace TB control activities to TB control in the community

Treatment of Tuberculosis: guidelines for national programmes
third edition (English)

Improving TB Drug Management - Accelerating DOTS Expansion [.pdf]
October 2002

Frequently asked questions about the 4 drug fixed-dose combination tablet [.pdf]
To answer frequently asked questions about the recently introduced 4-drug FDC.
October 2002

Tuberculosis Control in Prisons, A Manual for Programme Managers
July 2001

Knowing TB: Essential Knowledge for the General Public in HIV Epidemic Areas [.pdf]
TB/HIV Research Project, Chiang Rai, Thailand

DOTS-Plus and the Green Light Committee [.pdf]
November 2000

The Economic Impacts of TB [.pdf]
March 2000

TB and Sustainable Development 2000 Report [.pdf]
The following pages are testimony to the relationship between TB and sustainable development.
March 2000