Population: 56,015,473
Upper middle-income

Tuberculosis (TB) situation in 2016


estimated people who developed TB. Among them 58,000 were Children (WHO TB Database)


missing people with TB (37,454 were Children) (WHO TB Database)


estimated people who developed Drug Resistant TB (DR-TB) - a form of TB more difficult to diagnose, treat and cure (WHO TB Database)


missing people with DR-TB(WHO TB Database)


estimated people who developed TB and were coinfected with HIV(WHO TB Database)


people were diagnosed with both, HIV infection and TB disease(WHO TB Database)


people died because of TB (WHO TB Database)

TB is the number 3

cause of death among communicable, maternal, neonatal & nutritional diseases(IHME Global Burden of Disease, 2016)

TB, 2010-2016

Drug Resistant TB, 2010-2016

Source: WHO

TB-HIV Co-infection, 2010-2016

Source: WHO

NaN values indicate missing data

Progress Related to Global Plan Targets

Reach at least 90% of people with TB
Successfully treat at least 90% of notified people with TB

StopTB Partners in Country (per 2017)

TB REACH Grants (US$ Cummulative) (2010-2017)

Diagnostics and Medicines supplied by GDF (including New Drugs and Regimens)

Communities, Human Rights and Gender

StopTB Partnership