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Infection Control Webinars

18 August 2020 - Webinar Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) for Airborne Infectious Diseases

21 July 2020 - Applications of germicidal ultraviolet systems (GUV/UVGI/UVC) for airborne infections

14 July 2020 - The ins and outs of mechanical ventilation and room air cleaners

08 July 2020 - Overview of Environmental Controls with a Focus on Natural Ventilation

Overview of Environmental Controls with Focus on Natural Ventilation

30 June 2020 - Airborne Infection Administrative Control

Overview of TB Admin IPC Strategies for COVID-19 Webinar presentation - South Africa

China experience in administrative control for COVID-19

Administrative Measures for AirIPC GVolchenkov

23 June 2020 - Introduction to Airborne Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) - More than just TB!

16 June 2020 - Personal Protective Equipment:
The Truth About Masks and Respirators

Respiratory Protection for TB and Other Airborne Infectious Diseases including COVID-19

Personal Respiratory Protection Program for Airborne IPC