Stop TB Partnership

News Stories 2015

A great step forward to end TB: the White House’s action plan for combating MDR-TB and XDR-TB

23 December 2015

Stop TB supports a fully replenished Global Fund while positioning TB as part of the global UHC agenda

16 December 2015

Where are gender sensitive responses in TB programs?

05 December 2015

The Red Arrow - A Symbol to Unite Us Against TB

04 December 2015

Stop TB Partnership and MSF launch Out of Step Report showing urgent need for updated National TB Policies

02 December 2015

Landmark in TB for public health

01 December 2015

10 million lives saved and 45 million TB cases avoided with Stop TB Partnership 5-year investment plan

20 November 2015

First ever global meeting of people affected by TB and key populations convened in Bangkok

05 November 2015

Every Word Counts

03 November 2015

Change Will Be Difficult, But No Change Will Be Fatal

31 October 2015

A Paradigm Shift Needed in the Way We Fight TB

27 October 2015

Obituary - Diego Zallocco: 1 July 1968 - 17 October 2015

19 October 2015

The fear factor - how much do we need to fear a disease to eliminate it?

14 October 2015

Leave no one behind -- First ever global meeting of TB patients and key affected populations

09 October 2015

Answer to costly pills: Stop TB Partnership's Global Drug Facility -- the platform for TB medicines amidst recent US drug storm

28 September 2015

The Race to Reach the SDG Finish Line - Leave No One Behind

27 September 2015

Stop TB Partnership reinforces its commitment for engagement of TB affected communities in Global Fund processes

07 September 2015

Global Plan for TB 2016-2020 : final regional consultation in Buenos Aires - great momentum towards a final draft

04 September 2015

Call for Applications: The Stop TB Partnership's Challenge Facility for Civil Society launches Round 7

03 September 2015

Parliamentarians from the Asia Pacific Unite Against TB

01 September 2015

TB Azerbaijan Coalition initiates TB awareness campaign on World Humanitarian Day

18 August 2015

Governments agree to new Sustainable Development Goals to Replace MDGs - Online Consultation on Indicators Now Open

07 August 2015

Stop TB Partnership announces two new senior leadership appointments to head its Global Drug Facility

31 July 2015

Global Plan to Stop TB 2016-2020 Regional Consultation in Europe: Why we need to change now if we want to End TB

24 July 2015

New Figures Show Alarming Trends in TB Financing

16 July 2015

New Data On Delamanid Shows Promising Effects On XDR-TB Treatment

16 July 2015

Expanding access to drug-resistant TB services in India: moving closer to the patients

29 June 2015

Joint TB-HIV collaboration in India saves countless lives: together we can and we will

25 June 2015

Global Plan to Stop TB: Second regional consultation in Bangkok -- innovate in engaging communities and private sector to achieve the 90-(90)-90 targets

24 June 2015

Stop TB Partnership launches 2-month online consultation for the Global Plan to Stop TB 2016-2020

10 June 2015

Pakistan makes headway in TB care: 10 day joint monitoring mission to the country to help achieve the 2020 TB vision

06 June 2015

Global HIV & TB: Heightened Impact - CDC annual meeting concludes in Atlanta

05 June 2015

68th World Health Assembly Concludes in Geneva with Key Commitments by BRICS Countries on TB

28 May 2015

"Unrecognized Heroes Working in TB": Stop TB Partnership announces call for 2015 Kochon Prize

27 May 2015

Global Plan to Stop TB 2016-2020: First regional consultation in Addis Ababa shows great consensus and endorsement of the current draft

07 May 2015

India's Ministry for Health & Family Welfare Calls for a TB Free India following the end of the largest ever TB programme review

24 April 2015

The Annual Stakeholders Meeting of the Global Drug Facility in Siem Reap, Cambodia (22-23 April, 2015)

24 April 2015

Coordinating Board Meeting concludes with several critical decision points endorsed

15 April 2015

Stop TB Partnership Coordinating Board Meeting opens in Paris

14 April 2015

Bending the Curve: A Global Investment Framework to Win the Fight against TB

13 April 2015

Nigeria Spends Nearly US$1.5M For Procurement Of Treatment For People With Multi-Drug Resistant TB

10 April 2015

Meeting: The Global Fund, GDF, representatives of Consignment Inspection & Sampling agency, Quality Control testing laboratory

10 April 2015

The Bedaquiline Donation Program Begins Today

01 April 2015

Doing the Right Thing: Human Rights for Those Affected by TB

25 March 2015

Keeping TB patients under treatment is a priority in Iraq

24 March 2015

World TB Day Statement from the Executive Secretary of the Stop TB Partnership: The Courage of Saving Lives

24 March 2015

Stop TB Partnership initiative reveals surprising results -- 1 in 9 staff tested positive for latent TB infection

19 March 2015

Stop TB Partnership staff get tested for TB: A call for universal access to TB testing, diagnosis and treatment!

19 March 2015

In honour of all women & their lives --International Women's Day

08 March 2015

Coming soon: Bangkok Commitments 2015 on access to pharmaceutical services

06 March 2015

Romania's Ministry of Health approves the country's National Strategy for TB Control 2015-2020

26 February 2015

Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) Snapshot: A dire need to increase TB expertise in CCMs.

20 February 2015

$1M Project Funded By TB REACH In Zambian Prisons Improves TB Screening & Detection

12 February 2015

The Stop TB Partnership provides support for engagement of TB affected communities in the Global Fund country dialogue and Concept Note development

11 February 2015

Stop TB Partnership applauds appointment of Emma Thompson as new TB Ambassador

21 January 2015

First time ever: Gender Assessment tool on TB, HIV and TB & HIV

16 January 2015

"Reach, Treat, Cure Everyone": Stop TB Partnership announces theme for World TB Day 2015

15 January 2015