Stop TB Partnership

News Stories 2012

TB Alliance receives grant from UNITAID to develop pediatric TB drugs

19 December 2012

Union project shows how low-income countries can deliver integrated TB/HIV care

18 December 2012

United States Government Announces $11 Million in Additional Support for Rapid TB Test in 14 Countries

04 December 2012

Sir John Crofton Fund to Fight TB launched in London

30 November 2012

PEPFAR blueprint for an AIDS-free generation identifies TB/HIV as a top priority

29 November 2012

World AIDS Day statement by Dr Lucica Ditiu, Executive Secretary of the Stop TB Partnership

29 November 2012

UNAIDS and the Stop TB Partnership join forces to stop HIV/TB deaths

27 November 2012

Stakeholders gather in Seoul to point the way forward on stamping out TB in the Asian region through partnership

23 November 2012

TB REACH commits US $ 27 million for finding and treating people with TB

23 November 2012

Stop TB Partnership Coordinating Board approves new three-year Operational Strategy at its 22nd meeting

19 November 2012

Civil society declaration on tuberculosis issued at Union Conference

16 November 2012

Guide to working with national champions launched today

16 November 2012

Global Fund Board issues major announcements

15 November 2012

TB REACH grantees report twenty-fold acceleration in ability to find people with TB

15 November 2012

First ever civil society march held at the Union World Conference on Lung Health

14 November 2012

Treatment Action Group and Stop TB Partnership Issue Update on 2011 Global TB R&D Investment Trends

14 November 2012

Desmond Tutu TB Centre receives Stop TB Partnership Kochon Prize

13 November 2012

Advocates draw up to-do list to tackle childhood TB

13 November 2012

Statement by the Executive Secretary of the Stop TB Partnership on the WHO Global Tuberculosis Report 2012

18 October 2012

In new report, WHO warns global fight against TB now at a crossroads

17 October 2012

Four-year national MDR-TB plan launched in Romania

02 October 2012

UN Special Envoy honoured by Global Health and Diplomacy

27 September 2012

TB Alliance and Sanofi to collaborate on research for new TB drugs

20 September 2012

Health advocates: Progress on TB and HIV under threat unless EU steps in

19 September 2012

Statement in response to the Global Fund Board’s decisions on financing

18 September 2012

TB advocates respond to proposed Global Fund allocations for TB

13 September 2012

Update: Global Drug Facility enters a new era

11 September 2012

World Bank President Jim Kim blogs on TB, mining and Africa

10 September 2012

Overcoming Tuberculosis now available in Russian language version

04 September 2012

Southern African heads of state join forces to end tuberculosis in the mining sector

30 August 2012

Cost of Xpert cartridges to drop 40 percent

06 August 2012

Whoopi Goldberg calls for action on childhood TB at International AIDS Conference

27 July 2012

BD and PEPFAR launch Labs for Life initiative

26 July 2012

Huge protest march at AIDS 2012 ends in 12 arrests

25 July 2012

TB Alliance study raises hope for shortened treatment of drug-sensitive and drug-resistant TB

23 July 2012

TB REACH launches call for proposals for Wave 3

23 July 2012

Southern African leaders to speak out on TB, HIV and mining at AIDS 2012

17 July 2012

Researcher at Johns Hopkins University receives International AIDS Society TB/HIV prize

12 July 2012

Recognizing excellence in the fight against childhood TB: Kochon Prize calls for nominations

29 June 2012

Stop TB Partnership welcomes India’s ruling on serological tests

19 June 2012

Dramatic results from TB REACH project make case for mHealth scale up

14 June 2012

US$ 40 million committed to roll-out of Xpert

14 June 2012

Swazi health minister says new partnerships required to achieve zero TB deaths in the mining sector

08 June 2012

Mobile technology could be game-changer in fight against TB

28 May 2012

No more TB suspects: time to change the way we talk about tuberculosis

15 May 2012

Global Fund forecasts additional $1.6 billion in available funds for 2012-2014

10 May 2012

Key advocates set agenda for building network of TB-affected community reps

04 May 2012

Ministers endorse declaration set to pave the way to zero TB deaths among miners in Southern Africa

27 April 2012

Aeras and TBVI agree to strengthen collaboration on advancing new TB vaccines

27 April 2012

TB champion Gerry Elsdon completes two-week walk across South Africa to raise awareness about TB

17 April 2012

Comment: Youth need to stand up and do something to stop TB

17 April 2012

Stop TB Partnership Working Group on New Drugs launches Innovate TB contest

30 March 2012

Stop TB Partnership and Global Fund Community Representatives join forces to turn up the volume on TB

29 March 2012

Treatment Action Group finds global funding for TB research rose by just 2% in 2010

24 March 2012

World TB Day message from Dr Lucica Ditiu, Executive Secretary of the Stop TB Partnership

24 March 2012

Sentinel Project releases moving stories of children with TB

22 March 2012

UN Secretary-General marks World TB Day with visit to TB patients in Malaysia

21 March 2012

Childhood tuberculosis neglected, despite available remedies

21 March 2012

Opinion: Lucica Ditiu on a vaccine blueprint for a TB-free future

21 March 2012

New Vaccine Strategy to Advance Solutions for TB

20 March 2012

World TB Day message from the United Nations Secretary-General

16 March 2012

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gives major grant to Aeras

15 March 2012

Cutting off the head of the TB snake in Africa: Declaration on TB and mining in Africa draws closer

09 March 2012

Five-cent-a-day preventive treatment can reduce TB cases among miners by 63%

09 March 2012

TB community mourns the loss of a dedicated advocate, Congressman Donald Payne

08 March 2012

More than 900 000 lives have been saved by protecting people living with HIV from TB

02 March 2012

Video documents national champions as they work to raise awareness about TB

29 February 2012

Online consultation gathers views on getting to zero TB infections in children

27 February 2012

South African version of La Bohème opera brings TB message to the stage

23 February 2012

Interactive website launched for World TB Day campaign

21 February 2012

South Africa trials target better treatment for children with MDR-TB

14 February 2012

Gates Foundation invests $7.7 million in TB diagnostics research

09 February 2012

WHO reports highest ever levels of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

03 February 2012

NIH joins Aeras in clinical trial of new tuberculosis vaccine

31 January 2012

Global meeting on tuberculosis opens today

30 January 2012

Opinion: Why is Research Critical to Stop Tuberculosis?

27 January 2012

Indian partnership launches call for action against drug-resistant TB

26 January 2012

New information hub for national Stop TB partnerships launched

25 January 2012

Update on capreomycin and kanamycin supply by the Global Drug Facility

15 January 2012

China National Biotec Group and Aeras sign agreement on TB vaccine research and development

10 January 2012

Dr Evan Lee named Vice President of Lilly’s Global Health Programs and Access

03 January 2012