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70th "Tuberculosis Education and Propaganda Week" event in Turkey

14 January 2017, Istanbul, Turkey - In Turkey since 1947, the first week of every year is marked and celebrated as ‘Tuberculosis (TB) Education and Propaganda Week’. During this week, various activities are carried out under the leadership of TB Associations and the Federation of the National TB Associations in cooperation with the relevant public institutions.

This year training seminars in schools, distribution of leaflets on the streets, wall posters about TB in different parts of the city and various meetings of health workers involved in TB care were performed.

Tuberculosis Symposium in Istanbul

During this year's "Education and Propaganda Week", the Istanbul Tuberculosis Association and the Public Health Directorate of Istanbul together organized a symposium on "TB control in Istanbul". The first part of the meeting covered TB in Istanbul, Turkey and the world in light of the WHO's "End TB Strategy". The second part consisted of two workshops addressing the topics of "Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis" and "TB among Migrants".

The Head of the Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health, Tuberculosis unit employees of Istanbul Public Health Department, hospital managers and employees dealing with TB care, Tuberculosis Dispensary doctors and nurses, staff working in tuberculosis laboratories, other representatives of primary care physicians and nurses, Tuberculosis Association representatives and the representatives of non-governmental organizations dealing with social and health problems of immigrants participated at the symposium.

At the end of the symposium a report was written about the plan for the improvement of the control measures of the Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis and TB among Migrants in Istanbul.