Stop TB Partnership

News From Our Partners 2015

Parliamentarians pledge support to make India TB-Free

21 December 2015

WAAF undertakes Community TB intervention in the Ga East Municipality

16 December 2015

Target Tuberculosis Closure

16 December 2015

Janssen and FIND Collaborate to Accelerate Access to Diagnostics and Treatment for TB and Multi-Drug Resistant TB

15 December 2015

TB in Pregnancy: We Can Do Better for Mothers and Babies

14 December 2015

The Union’s IMDP course on Performance-Oriented Project Management

14 December 2015

TB Alert Launches Integrated HIV and TB Project in Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe

07 December 2015

Turning the tide against TB: Treatment alone won’t work

02 December 2015

The 46th Union World Conference on Lung Health in Cape Town

01 December 2015

Migrant Clinicians Network Updates from the Union Conference

01 December 2015

2nd Global TB Summit marks new era in fight against TB

30 November 2015

Adopting IT in TB Control in India

25 November 2015

Joining forces with private practitioners in a unique partnership against drug-resistant TB in Chennai, India

11 November 2015

TB Advocates Training in India

29 October 2015

Fighting the epidemic in Brazil

16 October 2015

Tuberculosis is theme in international meeting at the Brazilian Congress

15 October 2015

Urgent need to implement TB infection control practices at Sewri TB hospital

15 October 2015

ICN TB/MDR-TB Project celebrates its Leading Lights

14 October 2015

RNTCP National Review Meeting

08 October 2015

USAID Supports Cross Border TB Prevention and Control Among Migrants in Central Asia

05 October 2015

‘Making a difference’: White Paper on Dutch research for global TB elimination

24 September 2015

Another step forward in awareness and eradication of TB in Karachi, Pakistan

24 September 2015

Nigeria Stop TB Partnership website launched

24 September 2015

The Global Fund Advocates Network Launches its Speakers Bureau

24 September 2015

Webinar outlines up-to-date information on the use of bedaquiline

23 September 2015

Experience sharing workshop on the introduction of new drugs for drug-resistant TB in the WHO European Region

23 September 2015

CDC Head visits India

07 September 2015

Thiago Silva: more than a football player -- a TB champion

04 September 2015

Janssen Korea and the Korean National Tuberculosis Association Launch Partnership Program for a TB-free Korea as Part of 'Lung Tree Care' Campaign

04 September 2015

Vietnam hosts 6th National Scientific Conference on Lung Health

04 September 2015

IPSF carry out a Public Health Campaign

06 August 2015

UDAAN 2015: TB awareness for slum children- A collaborative effort by Operation ASHA & AIESEC

27 July 2015

Operation ASHA wins Transformational Business Award

13 July 2015

TREAT TB online learning programme for operational research now available in Spanish

10 July 2015

The Medicines Patent Pool Posts Independent Feasibility Studies on Hepatitis C and Tuberculosis

06 July 2015

DR-TB Scale-up Treatment Action Team (STAT)

25 June 2015

STREAM clinical trial reaches recruitment target

24 June 2015

Screening diabetes patients for TB proves effective at community health level in China

24 June 2015

Two long-serving Union TB experts to transition to new roles and positions

24 June 2015

Liverpool to host the 47th Union World Conference on Lung Health

24 June 2015

Two new EICs for the IJTLD

24 June 2015

Prix Galien for innovative medicine awarded to SIRTURO® in Belgium

19 June 2015

Towards a TB free Swaziland: Cabinet Minister and his community constituency soccer teams in action

12 June 2015

Profiling the Nothing for Us without Us (NUWU) Project.

29 May 2015

Operation ASHA round up

28 May 2015

4th Global Forum on TB Vaccines Convened in Shanghai

22 May 2015

TB Europe Coalition holds first ever Member General Assembly

19 May 2015

Janssen India Collaborates to Launch Commuter Train TB Awareness Campaign in Mumbai

23 April 2015

Johnson & Johnson Philippines Participates in a Local World TB Day Event to Confirm the Commitment to Advancing the Global USAID SIRTURO® Donation Program

23 April 2015

Berkeley, CA Film Co. Starts Second Phase of Documentary about New Weapons to Combat Antibiotic Resistance

23 April 2015

"Lung Tree Care" Campaign Launched in Support of World TB Day

22 April 2015

Celebrating World TB Day in Italy

20 April 2015

A round up of World TB Day events in Washington, DC this year

09 April 2015

Not to blame the victim. Non-adherence to tuberculosis treatment: A multidimensional problem. What can we do?

09 April 2015

Target TB funded research discovers barriers faced by women seeking TB healthcare

01 April 2015

TB prevalence survey in Bangladesh commences

25 March 2015

Improving TB Diagnosis: USAID Performance Evaluation of the TB CARE Medical Specimen Transport System in Zimbabwe

25 March 2015

Collaborating to deliver best-practice education for the management of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in South Africa

25 March 2015

Hear to Help: Enabling Early Detection of Hearing Loss Resulting from Anti-Tuberculosis Treatment to Improve the Lives of Our Patients

25 March 2015

India Launches a TB Campaign Nationwide

25 March 2015

TB toll in South Africa is ‘disgraceful’ and ‘unacceptable’ says Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

25 March 2015

TB is India’s Ticking Time Bomb say Eminent Citizens

24 March 2015

Leicester University celebrates first World TB Day

24 March 2015

Beyond the clinic door, Red Cross volunteers provide home-based care to those suffering from tuberculosis

24 March 2015

Training of Physicians for the Introduction of New Drugs for the Treatment of Drug-Resistant TB in Georgia

23 March 2015

The Centre for Operational Research: Setting the Standard

25 February 2015

MSF and partners launch a new call to action to help accelerate access to new DR-TB drugs

25 February 2015

Scaling up of MDR-TB case detection in Lira

24 February 2015

Daniel Chin Receives Top Award from China for Contribution to TB Control

24 February 2015

Gene Xpert MTB/RIF in Kiribati: a historical milestone

23 February 2015

U.S. Government extends commitment to combat tuberculosis in Ethiopia

23 February 2015


23 February 2015

Recently published: 2013 Surveillance Report on TB in the Netherlands

22 February 2015

Zimbabwe National TB Prevalence Survey

20 February 2015

Can health diplomacy and regional integration contribute to the control of TB in South America?

19 February 2015

USAID launches new TB programme in Central Asia

11 February 2015

Novosibirsk Tuberculosis Research Institute holds Young Scientists' TB Conference

09 February 2015

International student organizations link forces to raise awareness for this year's World TB Day

03 February 2015

Engaging private hospitals in TB control

02 February 2015

Indian Government Backs SIRTURO® (bedaquiline) for Treatment of Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB)

29 January 2015

First time in decades: New antibiotic to treat Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) receives approval in Peru

29 January 2015

Addressing TB and drug-resistant TB in the Eastern Ukrainian region

27 January 2015

Addressing Drug-Resistant TB in North West Province, South Africa through Decentralized Care and Treatment Services

27 January 2015

Establishment of the Vietnam Community Network for TB Control

26 January 2015

International partnership to create global TB data-sharing platform

26 January 2015

Merit Award for Vietnam's exemplary TB control

21 January 2015

Expanding patient-centered care for TB patients in Georgia

21 January 2015

The Union's SPARK-TB Plus program introduces Xpert MTB/RIF testing to the private sector in Uganda

20 January 2015

ERS/WHO Consilium provides expert advice to over 70 difficult TB cases across the world in first year

16 January 2015

TB Network commits to implementation of Nigeria's National TB Strategic Plan 2015-2020

10 January 2015

"SWIFT Response Project" Announced by Community of Global Drug Resistant-Tuberculosis Implementers"

09 January 2015

Advocacy at its Best: The Mumbai Experience

05 January 2015