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The Funding Gap by Region

US$44.3 billion will be needed for investment at country level over the next 10 years. Out of the total investment at country level, it is estimated that only US$21.8 billion will be available, creating a total funding gap of US$22.5 billion.

The largest funding gap for country-level implementation exists in Africa, followed by Eastern Europe and South-East Asia.

African Region
Costs: $19.4 billion Funding Gap: $10.7 billion

American Region (Latin American countries)
Costs: $1.8 billion
Funding Gap: $0.5 billion

Eastern Mediterranean Region
Costs $3.0 billion
Funding Gap $2.2 billion

Eastern European
Costs $9.1 billion
Funding Gap $4.3 billion

South-East Asian Region
Costs $6.2 billion
Funding Gap $3.4 billion

Western Pacific Region
Costs $4.7 billion
Funding Gap $1.4 billion

All the above costs and funding gaps are in US dollars.

Currently TB control is financed mainly by three funding sources: government (including loans), the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM), and other donor agencies. In 2005 over half of the funding of TB control in the 22 high-burden countries came from government budgets, including some external funding through direct budget support provided by donors. The remaining funding came from loans and GFATM.

The total cost at country level is US$44.3 billion: Over 40% of this cost is for investment in Africa (US$19.4 billion), followed by Eastern Europe with a total need of US$9.1 billion; other regions each need between US$2 billion and US$6 billion.

** Domestic funding assumes government commitments in 2005 are sustained and increase in line with inflation; GFATM commitments are based on results of Rounds 1 to 5 (these cover 2006-2011); other donor funding assumes commitments reported in 2004 are sustained and increase in line with inflation.

The Global Plan at Country Level

Total cost: US $44.3billion

Country activities:

  • DOTS Expansion: US$28.9 billion
  • DOTS-Plus: US$5.8 billion
  • TB/HIV: US$6.7 billion
  • ACSM: US$2.9 billion

Patients treated: 50 million

Lives saved: 14 million
Africa: 4.4 million
American: 0.4 million
Eastern Meditteranean: 0.8 million
South-East Asian: 5.1 million
Western Pacific: 3.3

Available funding: US$21.8 billion

Total funding gap: US$22.5 billion


Distribution of total costs of the Global Plan 2006-2015 [.pdf]

Total country needs, available funding and funding gaps, 2006-2015 [.pdf]

List of countries in the eight TB epidemiological regions [.pdf]

Estimated TB incidence rates [.pdf]
Although full implementation of the Global Plan is expected to result in considerable progress over the ten years, the targets of halving TB prevalence and death may not be achieved by 2015 in Eastern Europe.