Stop TB Partnership

Technical Support Available to Countries

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What are the objectives of Stop TB's Technical Cooperation agreement?

  • Countries to meaningfully collaborate with TB communities throughout the pre-Technical Review Panel (TRP) stages of the new funding model grant process. The Global Fund Board relies on the TRP to finance effective programs. The TRP consists of experts in HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, health systems, community systems and cross-cutting development issues. The primary function of the TRP is to review funding requests for technical merit and strategic focus and to make funding recommendations.
  • TB communities to meaningfully engage in the pre-TRP stages of the funding model process and contribute to the development of ambitious and robust national strategic plans and concept notes - including joint TB/HIV concept notes that clearly address community, gender, human rights and other key affected population matters.
  • Building capacity of TB communities at local, country and regional levels to provide countries with technical assistance both in the near and the long-term.

What types of activities can be funded under this agreement?

  • Addressing community, gender, human rights and other key affected population matters in TB programme reviews and national strategic plans.
  • Integrating community systems strengthening activities and services in TB and/or joint TB/HIV concept notes.
  • Integrating gender, human rights and key affected population perspectives and programming in TB and/or joint TB/HIV concept notes.
  • Developing and implementing a TB/HIV gender assessment tool with UNAIDS.
  • Validating key affected population size estimates.
  • Engaging TB communities in the funding model process: 1) Country support focal points, 2) Regional trainings and workshops, and 3) Country consultations and missions.
  • Promoting the role of TB communities in National TB Programmes, Country Coordinating Mechanisms and other platforms.
  • Sharing experiences and know-how of increased case detection and care delivery. (TB REACH)
  • Developing pre-TRP Procurement and Supply Management for improved quantification of drug forecasting. (GDF)
  • Supporting the grant-making process for the development of: 1) Implementation maps, 2) Capacity assessment tools, 3) Performance frameworks, 4) M&E plans, and 5) Health products, quantities, and budgets.

Who can apply for funding under this agreement?

  • Country Coordinating Mechanisms
  • National TB Programmes
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Global Fund Principal Recipients and Sub-Recipients
  • TB communities and civil society organizations

How to apply for funding under this agreement?

  • Ensure through Country Coordinating Mechanisms that all other funding options for technical support (e.g., domestic funding, bilateral and multilateral donor initiatives and existing Global Fund grants) have been explored.
  • If no other funding options are available, please complete the Technical Support Application Form and e-mail it to us at

When to apply for funding under this agreement?

The technical cooperation agreement is a demand-driven mechanism that is linked to Global Fund concept note submission dates. Applications for funding should be emailed to us prior to your country's concept note submission. The list of upcoming concept note submission dates can be found here.