Stop TB Partnership


NFM Presentations from The Global Fund

CCMs Eligibility Requirements [.pdf]

Q&A GF New Funding Model Dec 2012 [.pdf] or visit The Global Fund website on NFM

Preparing for the new funding model English [.pdf] SP [.pdf] FR [.pdf] RU [.pdf]

Community System Strengthening


Tracking Progress in Advocacy. Why and How to Monitor and Evaluate Advocacy Projects and Programmes [.pdf]

Community involvement in tuberculosis care and prevention, towards partnerships for health [.pdf]

Practical documents

TB/MDR-TB Advocacy Tool Kit [.pdf]

TB/HIV Collaborative Activities [.pdf]

Combating Childhood TB Factsheet [.pdf] Towards zero TB deaths in children [.pdf]

Infection Control

Posters: 4 Questions [.pdf] TB factory [.pdf] Triage [.pdf] 3 I's [.pdf] Find & Fight TB [.pdf]

TB Booklet - TB background & 3 Is explained [.pdf] The 3 I's for HIV/TB JOIN FORCES [.pdf]

Video: Implementing TB Infection Control in Out-patient Settings [youtube]

Harvard Business School - Teaching Health Studies

the Global Health Delivery Project (collaboration between Harvard Medical School, Harvard Business School and Brigham and Women`s Hospital) made public and free 21 teaching case studies [html] which take a close look at health care delivery in developing countries; Rwanda,Haiti, India, etc. Students will be able to access these cases and put themselves in the role of the "decision maker", looking at the principals of health care delivery in situations where politics, the economy and geography need to be taken into account. The cases have already been taught at Harvard Business School, Harvard College and MIT`s Sloan School of Management.

Mailing lists you may consider joining

This is a mailing list used by M&E experts to exchange information with each other about monitoring and evaluation issues, especially as they relate to international development aid. The mailing list is part of the MandE NEWS website, and the editor of MandE NEWS also uses the mailing list to inform list members about significant updates to the MandE NEWS website.

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Training opportunities

USAID Global Health eLearning Center with basic and advanced courses on Tuberculosis and M&E fundamentals

Upcoming trainings on Monitoring & Evaluation

Courses of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease

online trainings on Results Based Project Design

Results Based Monitoring & Evaluation

eCourse on Fundamentals of Project Management