Stop TB Partnership

GDF Suppliers

Suppliers are engaged in line with WHO's Rules and Regulations on public procurement and GDF's stringent Quality Assurance policy. GDF conducts procurement processes that ensure fairness, transparency, affordable prices, quality and security of supply.

Sourcing Policy

Suppliers newly approved by GDF can become eligible for long-term contracts in regular intervals through competitive processes conducted by GDF's appointed Procurement Agent. For products in short supply, variations may apply.

The supplier management concept implemented by GDF's Procurement Agent is based on awarding up to four LTAs per product, with established bandwidths of potentially realizable business. These bandwidths are set as a percentage of the projected annual product business volume, according to a supplier's ranking following the outcome of a competitive bidding process conducted by the Procurement Agent.

In addition, within the scope of the above bandwidths, the Procurement Agent holds competitions from time to time among relevant LTA holders for individual purchase orders. These competitions are based on price (LTA price or lower), lead time, registration status and supplier performance. Suppliers may quote lower prices than relevant LTA prices at any time, however in the understanding that this establishes a new price ceiling, valid for all upcoming orders under an LTA.


GDF is ISO 9001:2008 compliant for provision of quality-assured anti-TB drugs and related services to eligible national TB control programmes.