Stop TB Partnership

What can I do?

Add the Valentine's Day Red Heart frame to your profile picture on Facebook and/or Twitter in order to raise awareness for TB. You can use our tool here.

If you would like to make the change yourself you can download an image of the Red Heart here.

Ask your political representatives to be your TB Leaders.

Every 18 seconds someone dies of TB. Call upon your leaders to accelerate their actions against TB and ensure that everyone affected by TB gets the right diagnosis, treatment, and care.

Tweet to your Leader
Share these social media tiles using #LeadwithLoveEndTB.
Your posts using the #LeadwithLoveEndTB Wall will be displayed on our social media wall. See your posts here.

The Red Arrow symbol was developed with the input of thousands of partners in the TB community. It belongs to no single organization, person, tagline, or agenda, but represents our unity against TB. The emblem is in your hands to shape, mold, and give meaning to: join the movement and wear a pin. Tell the people around you about it and convince them to wear one as well.

Every contribution makes a difference. Through the generosity of people like you, our work has made a difference in the lives of millions around the world. Your donation will go a long way towards helping those less fortunate around the world - to get them access to basic things like diagnosis and treatment.

Your gift to support the work of the Stop TB Partnership allows us to fund promising approaches to diagnose and treat people living with TB, get affordable medicines to the people that need it the most, and provide communities with small grants to improve local response. Simply because you care.