Stop TB Partnership


The theme of AIDS 2012 - the major conference of the International AIDS Society which will be held from 22-27 July in Washington, DC - is Turning the Tide Together.

"Capturing the current sense of hope and the renewed optimism that a change of course in the epidemic is possible, Turning the Tide Together also serves as an urgent call to action," the organizers write.

For people working together towards an end to tuberculosis (TB) these words hold equally true. For nearly a decade, advocates working on behalf of communities affected by TB have sought to turn up the volume on the TB/HIV co-epidemic at the International AIDS Conference. We’ve built momentum conference after conference. At this year’s event, which will take place from 22 July to 27 July, there will be unprecedented attention to and discussion of TB/HIV.

Today TB is the number one killer of people living with HIV. By making a call for zero TB deaths we will drive recognition that you cannot turn the tide on the HIV epidemic without confronting TB.

Roadmap of TB/HIV activities

For partners attending AIDS 2012, The Stop TB Partnership, TB/HIV Working Group and ACTION have prepared a roadmap of TB/HIV activities. The roadmap lists conference sessions, satellite and external events and details of partners' booths. Printed copies will be available at the Stop TB Partnership and other partners' booths at the conference. Download the online version here.

Talk show: TB and HIV: Protecting the Vulnerable

On 22 July, a group of women and young people who have suffered from TB and HIV will come together in Washington to share their experiences of confronting the two diseases. Hosted by Gerry Elsdon, a South African TV presenter, the live-streamed talk show aims to give a voice to affected communities and inspire action against TB and HIV.