Stop TB Partnership

Resource mobilization

The cost of exploring, building and maintaining a national partnership, including the activities of the partners, could be covered using the following mechanisms:

  1. In-kind or cash contributions from the partners. Remember that resources are not only financial, but also human, technical, expertise, networking that partners can bring to the table.
  2. Resource mobilization strategy at country level (e.g. targeting corporate/business sector or network of supporters).
  3. Inclusion of partnering process and partners activities in proposals submitted to Global Health Initiatives (e.g. Global Fund, TB Reach, bilateral donors).

Resource mobilization strategy at country level

Partners from different sectors can bring varied contributions to a national platform depending on what they can do best.

    Stop TB Pakistan:
  • Found the way to reach out to the media as a key partner in delivery messages to a broader audience and signed a memorandum of understanding on 1 February 2010 based on this concept note [.pdf].
  • In the occasion of World TB Day 2010, the National TB Programme and Stop TB Pakistan have started a collaboration with McDonalds, and the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) and organized a Twenty-Twenty cricket match among the universities of Islamabad. More information [.pdf]

Stop TB Kuwait:
In the occasion of World TB Day 2010, the National TB Programme started a collaboration with Boots, a leading pharmacy chain in the country. More information [.pdf], Watch the video

Inclusion of national platforms in Global Fund proposal

SDA on national partnership [PDF]

Presentation on the inclusion of national partnership in Global Fund proposals [PPT]

Please note that the same approach can be used when applying to calls for proposals from other donors.