Stop TB Partnership

Executive Committee

The Committee is chaired by the Board Vice-Chair and is composed of 9-11 Board members to constitute an Executive Committee (ExCom) which is broadly representative of the constituencies on the Board and shall act on behalf of the Board in between formal sessions of the Board.

Executive Committee Functions

  • Provide guidance to and monitor the Partnership’s strategic planning, work planning and budgeting processes, assess the options and make recommendations to the full Board;
  • Monitor, evaluate and report to the Board on the progress and outcomes of Partnership activities, (working with the Secretariat and, as necessary, with other Partnership components);
  • Preprocess issues for Board consideration, including the provision of guidance to the Secretariat on the preparation of Board meetings;
  • On the basis of delegated authority from the Board, make decisions on issues judged not to require the consideration of the full Board;
  • Take emergency decisions on behalf of the Board subject to ratification of such decisions by the next full meeting of the Board ; and
  • Monitor the implementation of delegated powers by the Executive Director and report periodically to the Board.

Executive Committee Members

The following Board members are part of the Executive Committee:

  • Mr Mansukh Mandaviya (Board Chair)
  • Dr Joanne Carter (Board Vice Chair)
  • Dr Lucica Ditiu (Executive Director)
  • Mr Pierre Blais
    Deputy Director, Global Health and Nutrition Bureau
    Global Affairs Canada
  • Ms Erika Arthun
    Deputy Director - TB, HIV, Global Health R&D Policy & Advocacy
    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    United States of America
  • Dr Tereza Kasaeva
    Director, Global Tuberculosis Programme (GTB)
    World Health Organization
  • Ms Cheri Vincent
    Chief, Infectious Diseases Division
    US Agency for International Development (USAID)
    United States of America
  • Dr David Lewinsohn
    Chair, Working Group on New TB Vaccines
    United States of America