Stop TB Partnership

Board Affairs

Call for Nominations for Vice-Chair of the Stop TB Partnership Board

The Board of the Stop TB Partnership is calling for nominations of candidates for the role of Vice-Chair of the Board.

All nominations should be received by the Secretariat no later than Friday, 30 April 2021, 17:00 Geneva time.

Key roles for the Vice-Chairperson:

  1. be a global advocate and spokesperson for Stop TB Partnership through significant influence at regional and/or global level;
  2. together with the Chair of the Board convene and chair Board meetings, presiding over sessions and guiding the Board through the agenda and decision-making;
  3. chair Executive Committee meetings and convene the Executive Committee on monthly calls;
  4. advocate globally, raise awareness and funding for the Partnership’s mission and network globally for high-level support for a world free of TB by 2030;
  5. serve in a personal capacity.

Candidates must fulfill the criteria set out in section 3.2 of the Governance Manual.

Who can be nominated:

  • Individuals can nominate themselves or be nominate by a Board member with voting privileges
  • Candidates for Board Vice-Chair may be sitting Board members, members of the Executive Committee, represent an organization in the Stop TB Partnership directory, or have relevant experience working outside of the Partnership
  • Individuals that can lead and manage a diverse group of people, ensuring that all voices are heard
  • Person with excellent communication skills and a record of communication related to global health
  • Individuals with experience in governance (e.g., leadership role within other partnerships/governing boards) and history of involvement with the Partnership and knowledge of the Partnership’s history, goals, and policies
  • Individuals willing to commit time to the Partnership (25 days per year)

For detailed information about competencies and duties of the Vice-Chair, selection and election process, term of service and time commitment, please see the full Terms of Reference.

This call for nominations aims to identify a pool of candidates from which an Independent Taskforce which is composed of five members of the Executive Committee and the Board, will select up to two individuals to be presented to the entire Board for election.

For more information about the role and responsibilities of the Board Vice-Chair, please see Section 3 of the Governance Manual and/or contact Jenniffer Dietrich at

Nominations should be submitted to the Stop TB Partnership Secretariat at

In addition to the nomination form, interested candidates should submit a curriculum vitae and a statement of interest confirming their willingness to fulfill the outlined responsibilities and a statement of commitment from their home organization demonstrating their ability to commit the required time to serve the Partnership.


The newly selected Vice-Chairperson will start the on boarding procedures in July 2021 with the expectation of attending as incoming Vice-Chair the 34th Board meeting in Q3 2021.